Pirelli: 2013 tyres are on right track


Pirelli has faith that the changes it is planning for its 2013 tyres will pay off, following a successful test of the new construction in Brazil on Friday.

Formula 1 teams were given their first chance to run the new tyre specification during practice at Interlagos, with the rubber delivering a step forward in performance.

Pirelli is confident that its ambition of making the tyres easier for teams to deal with can be realised, initial feedback from the pitlane having been positive.

Paul Hembery, Pirelli's motorsport director, said: "The comments back were that mid-corner traction was improved, which is what we were aiming to do.

"However, it was varied through the pitlane, and depends on particular cars. Some of them need optimisation to get the tyres working a bit better.

"But the tyres didn't throw out of kilter the current cars, and didn't have any interference issues either. The tyre warm-up was quicker, which caused some increased thermal degradation.

"When we add the new compounds to the structure we are happy as we can be."

Although the final compound specification for the 2013 tyres has not yet been nailed down, Hembery said there would be a shift to softer rubber next year.

"We will have four new compounds for next season and they will be different in terms of grip level and thermal working ranges," he said.

"It will be pretty similar to last year, when we moved down a level. The current medium will become the hard for next season - the super soft is going down as well.

"The teams are very talented. They work very hard to maximise and there is talk of reducing pitlane speeds, which means they will work more in that direction.

"So if we want more pitstops we have to work hard to create those challenges."

Hembery said the other change for 2013 would be a tweak to the branding of the hard tyres to make the compound easier for spectators to identify.

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