Pirelli wants early answer over 2014


Pirelli hopes that a decision on whether or not it will continue as Formula 1's tyre supplier for 2014 can be made well before next June's deadline.

The Italian tyre company signed a three-year contract with the teams and the sport's chiefs back in 2010 to become F1's exclusive tyre partner.

No decision has been made yet on whether or not the deal will be renewed, but there is no urgency yet as mid-2013 has been earmarked as the official deadline for the matter to be resolved.

But with F1 heading towards a radical change of car designs for 2014, Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery said he would prefer an quicker resolution.

"The deadline is June next year, but we would be keen to have a decision earlier than that," said Hembery.

"If we need to find 300-400 people a different job then we need to know earlier.

"We are starting to talk and finding out what the sport wants. With the cars changing dramatically for 2014 from a tyre manufacturer and producer's point of view, there is so much changing at once."

Pirelli has suggested it could trial more aggressive tyres if it is able to continue beyond its original deal.

But until a contract is in place, Hembery says that the firm will not spend too much time developing its 2014 rubber.

When asked by AUTOSPORT about Pirelli's testing plans for 2013, Hembery said: "We need a contract, as there is nothing to test right now."

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