Pirelli would welcome Schumacher


Michael Schumacher has been told he can have a Formula 1 testing role at Pirelli next year if he wants it.

In the wake of the seven-time champion's announcement that he will be retiring from F1 at the end of this season, Pirelli has said it would be open to using him for tyre development work in 2013.

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery, who is evaluating testing options for next year just in case Jaime Alguersuari lands a race drive, says that Schumacher's vast knowledge of tyres would be invaluable.

"I think he is the most experienced tyre tester in the history of F1," explained Hembery.

"If he gets bored of being in the mountains of Switzerland, I am sure we can find something for him to do - although we haven't quite got £20 million for him. So it would have to be a labour of love rather than for financial gain."

Although Schumacher famously criticised Pirelli's tyres earlier this year, Hembery has said his company has enjoyed a good working relationship with Schumacher – and could tie up with him in any future racing activities.

"He has done some Superbikes with us, and we do rallying and GT racing," he said. "We had Kimi [Raikkonen] on our tyres in rallying and Robert [Kubica] is doing some work in rallying with us, so maybe Michael wants to try something else.

"We are open. If Michael is interested, we are open to offers."

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