Pistorius case - Blade Runner spotted 'flirting and downing shots'

The spokeswoman for Oscar Pistorius has defended the runner after he was reportedly seen downing shots and flirting with women at a Johannesburg restaurant.

Athletics - Pistorius rules out 2013 return

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Oscar Pistorius stands in the dock (Reuters)

After having been released on bail, the ‘Blade Runner’ has been staying at his uncle’s house in Pretoria as he awaits his murder trial over shooting his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

Pistorius has been said to have kept a low profile amid intense international coverage of his case, but South African press reports claim that he shocked onlookers as he reportedly flirted with several women, “knocking back” shots at the bar of a restaurant.

Reports quoted people at the popular Kitchen Bar restaurant as saying Pistorius was sporting a beard and flirting with several women.

"He was drinking shooters and he was flirtatious," one woman told the local Sunday Times.

Ms Burgess defended the Olympian, saying Pistorius "strenuously and vigorously denies any inappropriate behaviour towards any people or women present, or 'partying it up' with shooters.

"Oscar did go out last Saturday with friends," she told the Sunday Times. "It was the first time since the tragic and horrific events of February 14 that Oscar went out with friends.

"He has been out of the house with family, but this was the first time he went out to a restaurant with people other than close family.

"It is regrettable that what was supposed to be a low-key evening reconnecting with friends is now being blown out of proportion for sensational reasons."

Ms Burgess told the paper that Pistorius left the venue when "public interest became overwhelming".

He proceeded to go to a bar across the street for a short time, but "left for the same reason", Ms Burgess said.

Meanwhile, the runner's agent, Peet van Zyl, has said Pistorius was running on his blades again and his return to regular training was imminent.

Pistorius has said that he killed Steenkamp by accident as he thought he was shooting an intruder when he fired through a bathroom door at his Pretoria home.

Prosecutors say he shot her after the couple had an argument.

Pistorius is scheduled to be back in court on June 4. He could face a life sentence if found guilty of murder.

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