Pitch Perfect's Brittany Snow now has short blonde hair

Cassie Powney
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From Cosmopolitan

If this year has taught us anything, it's that celebs love a dramatic hair change when the going gets tough.

We're still obsessed with Kate Middleton's honey-blonde highlights, and Lana Del Rey's new champagne-blonde hue. Not forgetting all the celebs who went pastel pink during lockdown, and those chunky highlights, as seen on the queen of hair switch ups, Kylie Jenner.

But even with life settling into some kind of normality again, the hair transformations are still coming thick and fast. Case in point: Brittany Snow, who we stalk on Instagram along with the rest of the cast to make up for the fact that Pitch Perfect 4 still hasn't happened yet *tsk*

The actress took to Instagram to talk about her new mental health awareness initiative, telling followers: "Hi, it’s Brittany. If you already follow me here then you may have known that. But I’m glad I clarified.@septemberletters launches today! We are a mental health awareness and letter writing experience from @jaspre @tatumbrandt & me! Write a letter, read a letter, request some help, find a pen pal and feel connected.


Ps. Everyone likes direct sunlight. Not just girls. Let’s be honest."

We had two thoughts after seeing her post:

  1. September Letters sounds like a brilliant initiative and it's so good to see celebrities using their fame to raise and support such important issues.


That's right, her long red locks have been chopped short to her chin and bleached blonde.

She looks beautiful, as she did with her original hair, and if the transformation was a way of grabbing people's attention for her very important mental health message, then bravo, Brittany, we're loving your work 👏🏻

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