Pizza Hut Engage in Bizarre Social Media Battle With Football Accounts on Twitter

Callum Rice-Coates

​If you were too busy engaging in the social media debate over Arsenal and Arsene Wenger on Monday night, you may have missed out on a bizarre series of Twitter disagreements.

Pizza Hut's official account, it seems, was taken over by an intern; either that or they were very irritated by the request from a football account for free food.

It eventually escalated into an argument between a popular fast food chain, and a number of fan accounts dedicated to players. 

​​That response didn't go down well with a Paul Pogba dedicated fan account, who claimed only children frequent Pizza Hut.

​​To which Pizza Hut responded:

​​If there's one thing you shouldn't do, though, it's mention the Hut's arch rivals Dominos.



​​It went on.. and on, and it seems that Pizza Hut emerged as the winner on the night. 

Surely their best rinsing of football since the infamous Euro 96 advert...

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