Plans to build houses at Bursledon Brickwork Museum to safeguard its future

Bursleton Brickworks (Photo: Google Streetview)
Bursleton Brickworks (Photo: Google Streetview)

Bursledon Brickworks is a Grade II* listed site with historically significant industrial buildings including a brickmaking kiln, processing sheds, specialised enclosures, engine and machinery houses, along with a café and a museum. The site, which covers 1.24 acres sits south of the main museum buildings with access from Swanwick Lane.

The project aims to create 12 new homes, comprising two and three-bedroom semi-detached houses. These properties will have gardens, amenities, and storage for bicycles and waste. This development supports the ongoing operation of the Brickwork Museum. Recent planning permissions have allowed for the conversion of certain museum buildings into office spaces.

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Planning documents state the application ‘is being promoted and delivered in association with the continuing operation of the Brickwork Museum’.

“Due to the listed nature of the Brickwork Museum, these buildings require essential repairs and restoration works to safeguard their future as heritage assets. The Brickwork Museum will require substantial funding to carry these repairs and restoration works.

“The money required will come from a variety of sources but these alone cannot raise the required funds to carry out the works. Therefore, the purpose of developing the land for residential dwellings is to enable the land to be sold to a developer in order to raise significant funds that can enable the works to the listed buildings to take place.”

However, a letter written by a senior council planner states that whilst the application could provide funding for the listed building it does not conform with the adopted local plan development strategy ‘being located outside the urban area and in an Area of special landscape quality’.

“This site was considered and discounted in the Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment ref no 3165 as it was deemed to be unsuitable for housing development due to its isolated, unsustainable location and the high noise levels from the adjacent M27 motorway.”