Plans for new bus depot in Fareham are unveiled which will charge new fleet of electric buses

Hoeford bus depot (Photo: Google Streetview)
Hoeford bus depot (Photo: Google Streetview)

The proposal includes electrification work and the demolition of two buildings at the current Hoeford bus depot site on Gosport Road. The proposal calls for the installation of a ring main unit, substations, transformers and a variety of chargers to facilitate 62 new electric buses operating in the local area.

Planning documents state: The proposal includes a new Point of Connection (POC) to the local power network that will be housed in a new Distribution Network Operators (DNO) Ring Main Unit (RMU). Chargers of various sizes will be provided to the South of the site to provide a power connection to the vehicles.

“The demolition of the southern side of the bus maintenance shed is so that more bus parking can be allowed in the centre of the yard to allow drive in drive out parking – reducing the need for reversing which can be dangerous.

“Due to the demolition of the southern building a new canopy will be provided to cover a break tester that is needed daily for maintaining the buses.”

These plans form part of FirstBus’s commitment to achieving a zero-emission fleet by 2035. The company is also considering constructing a ‘super depot’ at the former News Centre site in Hilsea, Portsmouth. The new facility could accommodate approximately 90 electric buses in addition to the proposed 62 buses, which are set to launch in April 2024 if planning permission is granted.