'Polaroid' Trailer: It's a Photo Finish (Literally) in Upcoming Horror Film

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In The Ring, an old VHS tape full of horrifying schizoid visuals gave birth to a stringy-haired fiend named Samara, who’d kill those who watched her recording exactly seven days after their first viewing. Now, in the spirit of that film’s analog technophobia comes Polaroid, a horror film (from the producers of The Ring and The Grudge) in which the old-school instant camera is a means of supernatural death, as anyone whose picture is taken by it comes to a grisly fate. Due out later this summer, it’s now released its debut trailer (watch it above).

In Polaroid, Kathryn Prescott’s teenager finds an old Polaroid camera in an antique store, only to discover that when she uses it for snapshots of her best pals, the images that develop in front of her eyes feature a strange shadowy figure in the background. Worse still, the person whose profile pic features that specter soon dies — leading Prescott’s character to believe her vintage device is haunted. That’s the basic set-up for director Lars Klevberg’s thriller. And if you think, well, why not just burn the photos, the trailer shows that won’t work, as one girl learns in painful fashion. Naturally, when it comes to finding help from the authorities, the area’s local cop (The X-Files’ Mitch Pileggi) seems pretty convinced that this entire story is merely some sort of urban legend.

With a young cast full of pretty faces at risk of meeting a ghastly end by film’s conclusion, Polaroid bring its late-summer scares to the multiplex on August 25.

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