Poll: Are Spain the greatest team ever?

After sealing an historic third international triumph in succession, can Spain be considered the greatest football team of all time?


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No other side has achieved the feat which Spain managed on Sunday evening against Italy.

In years to come, the likes of Andres Iniesta – crowned the Player of Euro 2012 – and Xavi may well be remembered as among the greatest to have graced the sport.

Playing an adapted version of the tiki-taka made famous by Barcelona, they starve the opposition of possession and wait for the opportunity to prise them open with inch-perfect passes.

However, prior to the 4-0 hammering of the Azzurri, there were claims that La Furia Roja had come to revere style over substance - and some were openly critical of what they regarded as a ‘boring’ approach.

So how do they fare against great historical teams?

The Brazil of the Fifties, Sixties and 1970 World Cup has always been the one kids and adults alike hold in greatest admiration, as they were winners of three World Cups in four editions boasting players such as Gerson, Jairzinho, Tostao, Rivelino and Pele.

West Germany managed perhaps the most impressive spell of sustained international excellence, reaching five out of seven World Cup finals from missing out to Geoff Hurst and co. in 1966 to lifting the trophy at Italia 90. They also won in 1974, while the Euro ’80 title is a further feather in their cap.

Led by the 'Galloping Major' Ferenc Puskas, The Magical Magyars of Hungary redefined how the game was played in the Fifties, going six years and over 50 games unbeaten – with the exception of the 1954 World Cup final – and doling out some legendary hammerings such as the 6-3 against England at Wembley.

And the only team other than Brazil to win consecutive World Cups was Italy in the Thirties: the achievements of a team containing legendary names like Giuseppe Meazza and Silvio Piola are, however, overshadowed by the interference of dictator Benito Mussolini in the ’34 tournament, where he is said to have selected the referees used in each match and used the tournament as a propaganda tool for his fascist regime.

So who do you rate as the best football side to have graced the game – and if you have another suggestion, leave a comment below!

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