Popeyes' Heart-Shaped Strawberry Biscuit Review: The Perfect Sweet Treat For Your Sweetie

Heart-Shaped Strawberry Biscuit
Heart-Shaped Strawberry Biscuit - Michael Palan / Static Media

For fans of fried chicken and biscuits, their hearts perhaps beat no faster than for (and thanks to) Popeyes. In 2019, the Louisiana-based chain returned the favor by both having and giving a heart... shape to its biscuits just in time for National Buttermilk Biscuit Day on May 14. After breaking its fantastically awesome -- and standard biscuit -- mold for just a single day, Popeyes' is bringing the heart-shape back in 2024 for a new lease on love, celebrating the 14th of a different month — February. This time around, it's utilizing its new dessert BFF that was introduced in March of 2023 and became a permanent menu item months later, the Strawberry Biscuit, as its delivery mechanism. Welcome to this world Heart-Shaped Strawberry Biscuits!

So, are Popeyes' new and limited time only Heart-Shaped Strawberry Biscuits going to make eaters swoon, or prove to be a gimmick that will have fans seeking a bit of separation from the chain? Love is in the cold air, and I headed to Popeyes to warm up to this idea, and give it a try. This chew and review is based on taste, texture, presentation, and overall lovability of the product.

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What Do Popeyes' Heart-Shaped Strawberry Biscuits Taste Like?

bitten strawberry biscuit
bitten strawberry biscuit - Michael Palan / Static Media

I've never had the pleasure of having one of Popeyes' Strawberry Biscuits before, but my own heart skipped a beat when I saw the heart-shaped one that sat before me. It didn't even resemble a normal Popeyes' biscuit, with its bursted pimple strawberry blood marks, and a white icing that is lovingly draped over the top of the heart. The back of this biscuit is flat, and includes none of the sugary pageantry displayed on the flip-side, and is best to actually appreciate the heart-shape design.

Served warm, the biscuit had a wicked aroma of sweetness that reminded me of the artifice that is Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries. Perhaps that was not the best of introductions, but my cautious first bite of the crumbly exterior quickly gave way to the doughy delights found in and all around this biscuit. The strawberry aspect is more like liquid bits of jam than actual pieces of fruit. The white icing was initially in a more fluid state, but quickly hardened by the time I started to tackle it. The icing is the perfect coating, and helps to balance the saccharine of the strawberry.

The interior of the biscuit has more of a muffin texture to it. Without any butter or saltiness to the taste, it was ultimately a Danish built for one. It felt like a delightful mash-up between Entenmann's and Popeyes, with a lovely shape.

Popeyes' Heart-Shaped Strawberry Biscuits Nutritional Info

heart biscuit
heart biscuit - Michael Palan / Static Media

The Heart-Shaped Strawberry Biscuits start with Popeyes' signature biscuit mix, and include strawberry bits; they are topped with icing. Allergens in Popeyes' biscuits include milk, wheat, and soybean.

A single serving is one biscuit. It has 290 calories, 13 grams of fat, 7 of which is saturated fat, 380 milligrams of sodium, 3 grams of protein, and 39 grams of carbohydrates, 2 of which is dietary fiber, and 14 grams of sugar. These biscuits are cholesterol-free.

How To Order Popeyes' Heart-Shaped Strawberry Biscuits And How Much They Cost

strawberry biscuits sign
strawberry biscuits sign - Michael Palan / Static Media

Popeyes' Heart-Shaped Strawberry Biscuits are here for a limited-time only. For three weeks, ending February 25, the biscuits will be for sale at participating Popeyes, any time of day or night, while supplies last. They are available as a 1-, 2-, or 4-piece order. The biscuits retail for $1.79 each, which is the same as the regular shaped Strawberry Biscuits, although prices may vary per location. On Valentine's Day, February 14, $1 from each biscuit sale will be directed to the Popeyes Foundation's Serving with Love initiative, whose mission is "Strengthening communities with food and support during times of need." If a Popeyes location runs out of heart-shaped biscuits, regular-shaped strawberry biscuits will apply to the fundraising campaign.

The biscuit, which is listed under the Desserts menu, can be ordered in-store at the register or kiosk, or through the drive-thru, where available. Advance ordering for pick up or delivery is also available through the Popeyes app and website for most locations. Delivery prices may be higher.

The Final Verdict

heart biscuit on side
heart biscuit on side - Michael Palan / Static Media

I ordered a pair of Popeyes' Heart-Shaped Strawberry Biscuits, but noticed I received one in the desired shape, and another in the standard rounded biscuit shape. When I went back to the front to swap it out, the employee said it didn't matter because they're the same exact thing. That may be the case, ingredients wise, but have a heart man, literally!

Taste is why we love food, but presentation also has a large part to play in why we enjoy it even more. Popeyes' Strawberry Biscuit has proven itself to be a winner with diners that it's still standing on menus almost a year later. Taking a three-week pause to change their shape to fit this sweetheart of a season is an idea no one should be hating on. The more options to say "I love you," and "I love food," the better, and I have nothing but love for Popeyes' Heart-Shaped Strawberry Biscuit. The heart wants what the heart wants, and you should definitely want to try this overly sweet, overly delicious treat. An added bonus of these biscuits is that if you take a nibble of one long after it's reached room temperature, it's actually more edible than a standard Popeyes' biscuit that's been sitting around the same amount of time.

It's never too early to start thinking about St. Patrick's Day, Popeyes. How about a creamy mint four-leaf clover-shape biscuit next? Could give the Shamrock Shake a reason to quiver in its cup.

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