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This popular $9 La Mer dupe saved my dry skin

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When it comes to the divine assembly of luxury beauty products, the La Mer Crème de la Mer — known as the pinnacle of moisturizers — floats atop the rest. Fans have used it to calm the driest of skins literally overnight.

The biggest catch is that La Mer costs $325 for a single 2-ounce jar. And that’s why beauty lovers have been hunting down affordable La Mer dupes for decades. Enter: NIVEA Creme, specifically in the blue tin.

NIVEA Creme, $9.89

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Credit: Amazon

$9.89 at Amazon

NIVEA skin care products have been an international pharmacy staple forever. However, only the super basic NIVEA Creme can call itself the holy grail of dry skin for over a century — even if it only recently hit viral TikTok status. Ask your grandma; she probably swears by it!

Not only is it super (duper) affordable at under $10, you can use Nivea Creme on your body, hands, elbows, feet and face. It also contains vitamin B5 to deliver that extra boost of healthy hydration.

My NIVEA Creme review:

Though I’ve never tried La Mer myself, I did dive into the NIVEA Creme hype on a wing and a prayer. As someone who has dealt with painful and inflamed hormonal acne for over a decade, I’m always wary about what I put on my skin. I also use a prescribed 0.1% tretinoin cream nightly, meaning my skin can get as dry as a husk in the winter, and I really have to chill with trying new products.

I’m honestly thrilled to say the budget Amazon find that TikTok can’t stop lusting over (usually a bad sign for my skin) is my new best friend. The NIVEA Creme has made my skin’s transition to colder weather much more bearable. Plus, it feels so luxurious to slather all over your face. If I could bathe in this stuff, I would.

Like La Mer, NIVEA Creme is super heavy and rich. It also has fragrance. If you’re sensitive to both, maybe sit this one out. However, my fickle and sensitized skin hasn’t had a problem with it. Since I started using NIVEA Creme daily, I’ve noticed my breakouts have all but disappeared, save for the occasional zit around my period.

So, is NIVEA Creme a La Mer dupe?

Do you want the honest answer? No, it’s not. Unfortunately, dupes don’t truly exist. Even though ingredient lists can appear almost identical, the exact percentage of ingredients used and the specific formulations are not. With that, there’s no real way to claim that one product is an “exact dupe” of another.

Still, many TikTok users and non-TikTok users alike swear that the moisturizing properties of NIVEA Creme are very similar to La Mer. Even though the NIVEA Creme lacks La Mer’s famous “miracle broth,” the moisture-locking mineral oil and paraffin base are the hero ingredients that make up the bulk of both luscious creams.

As with La Mer, skin care enthusiasts have been using NIVEA Creme forever. The major difference is that NIVEA doesn’t break the bank. There’s clearly a reason for its long-lasting popularity.

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