Popular Chateau Impney Hillclimb suddenly axed ahead of 2020 event

Paul Lawrence
Popular hillclimb cancelled ahead of 2020 event
Popular hillclimb cancelled ahead of 2020 event

The promoters of the Chateau Impney Hillclimb have axed the 2020 event and left its longer-term future unclear.

Although tickets for the 18/19 July event were still being sold last week, news emerged that the proposed sixth running of the hillclimb had been cancelled.

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Competitors that had been set to enter received a letter regarding the situation before a short statement was posted to the event's website.

No further comment has so far been forthcoming despite attempts to contact the promoters.

The recreation of the 1960s hillclimb in the grounds of the Droitwich hotel established itself as a key event in the classic motorsport calendar, with over 200 pre '66 cars competing on a specially extended hill.

Large crowds packed the venue from the first event in 2015 and the '19 event recently won the Royal Automobile Club's 'event of the year' award.

The Chateau Impney Hillclimb was inaugurated by the Spollon family, the owner of the venue and well-known members of the vintage racing fraternity.

Popular hillclimb cancelled ahead of 2020 event
Popular hillclimb cancelled ahead of 2020 event

The statement read: "The 2019 Hillclimb will be the last of this series of motoring events at Chateau Impney. Consequently, the 2020 event will unfortunately not be taking place.

"We set out to create memorable experiences which consistently exceeded expectations, to create an event that felt exclusive but was incredibly inclusive and to deliver an event worthy of a recognisable award.

"We have achieved all the above and it is now time for us to bow out in style and focus on the exciting next chapter for Chateau Impney.

"We would like to thank all the partners, team and guests for their support over the years, as we couldn't have done it without you, and we look forward to involving you in our future."

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