Porsche Taycan Gets EV Charging Station Finder in Apple Maps

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Porsche Taycan's Apple Maps Will Find EV ChargersPorsche
  • Porsche has added integrated Apple Maps EV charger routing for U.S. Taycan models.

  • Taycan owners using Apple Maps and Apple CarPlay can now see chargers directly in the mapping software.

  • The system takes vehicle state of charge, charger locations, and estimated charging times into account, and can automatically suggest stations along a route.

Porsche has added integration for Apple Maps to include charger locations for U.S. Taycan models, giving CarPlay users yet another reason to stick with the software. The car was already equipped with Porsche's native charging planner, which can suggest stops based on information like the vehicle's state of charge (SOC), expected traffic conditions, and average speed. But the reality is that most owners seem to prefer third-party software like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. As for Android, a Porsche spokesperson told Car and Driver that the Taycan does come with Android Auto capability as standard, but it doesn't have the EV state of charge integration or charge stop suggestions that the new CarPlay system does.

ev charging integration for porsche taycan apple carplay

The new integration means that Taycan owners won't need to leave CarPlay, or settle for using the native navigation system when trying to map out charging stops. On top of doing a lot of the same quality-of-life things the native system does (like analyze state of charge and expected traffic), the Apple system can also analyze elevation changes along a given route to get a more accurate estimation of battery usage. According to Porsche, if you allow the vehicle's SOC to deplete to a low enough margin, the new software will automatically offer a route to the nearest compatible charging station.

The system relies on both CarPlay and the information fed to it from the vehicle. That means the normal Apple Maps app on your phone won't give the same charging recommendations. The system should work with any Taycan, but according to Porsche any models from 2021 or earlier will need to go to a service center for a free software update. Porsche also provided a link for setup and FAQs for the software, which can be found here.

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