Portadown man gets suspended jail term after drugs found by postal service in Craigavon

Craigavon Court house. Picture  / Presseye
Craigavon Court house. Picture / Presseye

Matthew Armitage, aged 21, from Kensington Park, appeared before Craigavon Magistrates Court on Wednesday charged with possession of a Class B drug, concerned with the supply of a Class B drug and attempted possession of a Class B drug with intent to supply.

A Prosecutor told the court that on February 19, 2021 a security manager at Craigavon postal centre “intercepted” a parcel which was suspected to contain drugs. It was suspected cannabis addressed to Matthew Armitage at an address on the Gilford Road in Portadown. Police obtained a search warrant for that address and his current address. They found a number of items including two packages of Class B drugs and two mobile phones.

"The phones were analysed and revealed a large volume of drugs photographs, drugs purchases and sale conversions. He was brought in for interview on March 25, 2022 in Lurgan,” said the Prosecutor who added that he made no comments to further questions on ordering big packages and further purchases discovered on the mobile phone.


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Barrister Aaron Thompson said his client had been “very open and honest” about the difficulties he had “growing up with drugs and loss of friends”. He added his client had accrued debts due to drugs.

“He candidly spoke to Probation, not only that this was a parcel intercept but how he got involved – that he actually started to deal drugs to a few friends to feed his own habit and he realised he could source drugs online. He was completely frank and honest.

"It has been two years since the end point of the offending and there has been nothing further. He has a clear record,” said Mr Thompson who requested that Probation be considered, adding that his client is working full time but has accrued debts due to his drug use.

For possession of Class B drugs he was sentenced to two months in prison, for being concerned with the supply of drugs he was given a five months jail term and for the third charge of attempted possession of Class B drugs he was given a two months jail term. All terms of custody were suspended for three years.