Praise for school where pupils feel 'happy and safe’ and flourish praised

Flashback: Eagley Infants pupils file picture
Flashback: Eagley Infants pupils file picture

Pupils flourish at a Bolton primary school which has been graded good during a recent inspection.

Eagley Infant School based at Stonesteads Drive, Bromley Cross, was visited by Ofsted inspectors who stated it continues to be ‘good’ since its previous inspection in 2017 and 2012.

According to Ofsted, the pupils "flourish" at Eagley Infant School, feel "happy and safe" and "leaders, trustees and staff are united in their ambition to give all pupils the best start to their education, academically and socially".

Addressing the behaviour at the school, the report states, ‘pupils generally behave well in the classroom and around the school’ and ‘pupils learn to become good citizens’.

Inspectors reported: “Pupils, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), live up to the high expectations that staff have for them.

They access a curriculum that is well thought-out, ambitious, and fun.

“Most parents and carers are delighted with the quality of education provided by the school and the high levels of care afforded to their children.

“The new headteacher has quickly gained a secure understanding of the strengths of the school and the refinements that need to be made to the quality of education.”

According to the Ofsted report, there are ways the school could also improve.

The inspection report states: “Some staff are new to subject leadership and do not have the confidence or expertise to lead their areas of responsibility effectively.

“This means that they are less able to check how well the curriculum is being implemented or how effectively pupils are remembering their learning.

“Leaders should ensure that subject leaders are supported to lead their curriculum areas effectively.

“Some curriculums are relatively new. They are in the very early stages of being implemented.

“Teachers are less sure about what to teach in these subjects. This hinders pupils’ progress.

“Leaders should ensure that staff receive the support that they need to deliver the new curriculums well.”

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