Premier League clubs discuss curtailing season for first time

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters says clubs discussed curtailing the season for the first time on Monday in the aftermath of prime minister Boris Johnson's latest updates for opening the United Kingdom.

The league's 20 clubs took part in a video conference on Monday in an effort to try and find a solution to finish the remaining 92 games of the season.

Clubs are said to be determined to finish the season to avoid having to pay back any television money or sponsorship payments, but it may not be possible to play out all of the remaining games.

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As a result, Masters says that clubs have acknowledged that the league may need to look into finding a more creative way to figure out the rest of the campaign, although no decision has been made regarding how that will look.

“It was the first time we discussed curtailment – it’s still our aim to finish the season obviously but it’s important to discuss all the options with our clubs," Masters told the Mirror.

“Obviously we reflected on Boris’ statement last night and the fuller statement that came out right at the end of the meeting and what that means for us. 

“I'm happy to reveal it was discussed for the first time but the contents of that discussion have to remain confidential. What I can say is that all of the talk was about finishing the season. No conclusions were reached on any other models. 

“Those are future conversations we may need to have. There was a desire to see all the different implications, the adaptions, if you like, to the Premier League model as we know in order to play out the season and then discuss what the fairest way forward is.”

In addition, Masters revealed that clubs have discussed how to handle transfers and out-of-contract players, setting a date for June 23 for players to agree to extend their contracts through the end of the campaign, whenever that may be.

"What we decided today - obviously this issue has been highlighted and we've discussed it at the last two meetings - but we've been working as far as possible to ensure that clubs complete the season with the same squad they had prior to the suspension," he said. P

“What was agreed today is that players can extend their contracts beyond June 30 until the end of the season but it must be agreed by both parties and a later date can be scheduled for that; no later than June 23.”

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