Premier League executive chairman Richard Scudamore to stand down after almost 20 years in charge at end of year

Richard Scudamore will stand down from his position as Premier League executive chairman before the end of the year, it was announced on Thursday.

Scudamore joined the Premier League in 1999 and has led the organisation for almost 20 years, though now hopes to relinquish his position before the end of 2018.

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In a statement released by the Premier League on Thursday, Bruce Buck, chairman of the Premier League audit and remuneration committee said: "I speak for all the clubs when I say we are very sorry that Richard will be leaving, but we could not have asked for anything more from him.

"For 20 years he has led the Premier League with distinction. Whilst probably best known for the outstanding growth he has delivered, most importantly he commands the respect of everyone in football for the dignified and positive way he has managed the complexities of keeping the league together and moving us forward.

"The Premier League board and the audit committee have been working on how we will replace Richard and we expect to make an appropriate appointment in good time so there can be a seamless transition.

"The Premier League certainly will go on from strength to strength; we also hope that Richard enjoys a very healthy and successful future. When he eventually leaves later in the year it will be with our sincerest thanks and gratitude for a job well done."

Premier League club-by-club review
Premier League club-by-club review

Scudamore, meanwhile, thanked the Premier League, saying: "It’s an absolute privilege to have been allowed to enjoy this role for so long, it is too much fun to be called a job. Football is an intoxicating environment and therefore difficult to give up being so involved, but my passion for what football means to so many and the positive impact it can make will never diminish.

"This past 20 years would not have been possible without the continuing support and encouragement of the clubs and the unstinting efforts of my colleagues at the Premier League, whose professionalism and dedication are only surpassed by their decency and sense of fun.

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"The Premier League is in great shape and the future is bright, of course there are still many things to improve and constant challenges, but that is what makes it so exhilarating. The clubs put on the greatest show; fans, such an essential part of that show, love it both here and around the world. Because it so compelling, the league’s success will continue under new and re-invigorated leadership.

"Finally, I could not have devoted the time and expended the energy needed for this role without the backing of my family and friends: so a special thanks to Catherine for her encouragement and flexibility and Jamie, Chloe, Paddy, Ned and Lara for their inspiration. Whilst I have no plans to retire, whatever I do next, I will carve out more time to support them in pursuit of their own passions… and to see more of Bristol City."



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