Premier League - Managers: Rooney showed he's worth £300k-a-week

All the managerial reaction from Saturday's Premier League games, with David Moyes purring over Wayne Rooney.


Crystal Palace 0 - 2 Manchester United

Tony Pulis (Crystal Palace): "I thought it was a penalty. Cham's come across and he's made a bad decision and caught Evra and it's a penalty. He's worked really hard but the disappointing thing with Marouane at times, and I think he'd be the first to admit it, is that he gave the ball away a lot today. He's not normally that kind of player. He's a very good footballer."

David Moyes (Manchester United) on Wayne Rooney who signed a new deal worth a reported £300k-a-week: "He's a really important player and you think about the amount of clubs who wanted to sign him. He would have been too difficult to replace. There aren't enough top players out there that you can get cheaply or easily. Wayne's one of them, one of the top players. He shows it week in, week out for us and you can see the change in him - his leadership, what he's trying to bring to the team. We want him to keep at it and I'm sure he will. He's a boy who wants to continue to get better."

Chelsea 1 - 0 Everton

Jose Mourinho (Chelsea): "If today we had only one point, if the teams that are behind us win we lose that position. Every victory keeps us there, every defeat or draw we lose a position. We just want to try to keep the position, not to give (it away) for free to the opponent. We have to fight, we have to play and it's a good feeling to win in the end. The team wanted to win. You score, it's fantastic. Even if you don't score my feeling would be a positive feeling with them. They tried everything."

Roberto Martinez (Everton): "We defended really well but John Terry was brave and they scored. Overall I thought we were the better side. It was a very unfair result not to get anything from the game after the performance that we had. We need to make sure that when we play well and when we deserve to get a positive result, we do that."

Cardiff City 0 - 4 Hull City

Steve Bruce (Hull City): "I didn't think we played particularly well in the first half. I thought we gave the ball away too cheaply, but what's got us the win is the little bit of quality we've invested in up the top end of the pitch. When you're not playing particularly well and you've got two like we've got, you're a threat. That, for me, was the big difference in the whole game - that ability to score a goal and with these two in the team; we've all of a sudden got it. In this league you can quite easily go six without a win. You can quite easily go six to eight weeks. For a newly promoted team the players have got a fantastic hunger to be Premier League players. I've always said from day one you need 10 wins, and you're always going to get a few draws."

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (Cardiff): "You get the first goal, it's a different game. We didn't, and that changed the complexion of the game. That's how it is. We just weren't good enough in the two boxes. If you don't take your chances and they are efficient and score the other way, you've got to hold your hands up and say you don't deserve to get the better result. I think everyone realises where we're at, and what situation we're in, and you can't hide the fact that we lost against a team in and around us and they've gone away from us now. It's going to take a momentous run to catch some of the teams. The only way I know how to get out of disappointment is to work hard, look forward, do the right things, not make rash decisions."

Arsenal 4 - 1 Sunderland

Arsene Wenger (Arsenal) on Olivier Giroud: "I had no hesitation about his strength of character. Of course you want him to come back in the team and be successful and that's what he was today because he scored two goals. It's one of the best and even one of the two Giroud goals was a great goal, with a great ball in behind from Jack (Wilshere). It's the way we know we can play, it's the way we want to play. When it's successful, of course you are extremely happy, because it reinforces your belief in the way you want to play. It was an important game for us firstly. We had given a lot physically, against Liverpool (in the FA Cup last weekend), against Bayern, with 10 men. To win today was of course vital. We did the job in the first half very well and, after that, it was a convincing win."

Gus Poyet (Sunderland): "I am not accepting this defeat. We were poor in many ways and were second best in everything, Santiago (Vergini) was not the only one. Now no-one has put themselves on the teamsheet for next week, they all had a great chance to show me but everything I had in mind went in 90 minutes. Now I have to start from zero. Arsenal proved again that they can beat anyone but sometimes players pick the team for you but now I have a few options for Wembley. There are plenty of similarities between the way Arsenal and Manchester City play for me to ponder on."

Manchester City 1 - 0 Stoke City

Manuel Pellegrini (Manchester City): "I think it is normal during the season that sometimes the strikers may lose (the chances) to score but I trust in all of them. I am sure they will recover their normal performance. We didn't create many chances because Stoke defended very well. All the team were behind the ball and near the box, but we had the patience for the 90 minutes and finally we scored. Every player can have a bad day. Maybe he had a bad day, maybe he was nervous after he failed that goal but I will continue trusting in him."

Mark Hughes (Stoke City): "I was pleased with what we produced. We had a game-plan and whenever you have one, you have to execute it to the best of your ability and I thought we did that for most of the game. We made a couple of errors that led to the goal and consecutive errors tend to lead to goals. Apart from that we were resolute. We had a couple of efforts where we might have scored, most notably Charlie's (Adam) effort where Joe Hart made an outstanding save. There were a couple of occasions where I thought - call it professional or cynical - we had good opportunities that were stopped because of my players getting taken out. I thought there was a situation - about three or four - when Stoke City players were taken out quite cynically and [that] stopped good situations. The ref, in fairness, booked the majority of them but perhaps he could have looked to given another yellow. But what can you do?"

West Bromwich Albion 1 - 1 Fulham

Pep Mel (West Bromwich Albion): "It was another spirited fightback, but before the game in my head all I was thinking about was the three points. We now face three long months to ensure we don't get relegated, to work hard on the pitch for 90 minutes every game. And we just need to win, for the players to smile, to feel good in the head, for good work every week, and for the fans too. I am sure with the way we played in the second half this is the way for us to win. For me the most important player on the pitch was the Fulham goalkeeper. Despite the draw, this is still an important point for us."

Felix Magath (Fulham): "The players are disappointed because we were so close to claiming the three points. But we showed a lot of fight, which is what I want from my teams, and I was very satisfied with the first half. In the second half we then made too many mistakes, so we go home with only one point. But as a team we were close together, we fought very well, we looked like a team. We started very well and we had chances, the same as West Brom, but the more time went on, the more we went back like in recent games. But I've seen enough to feel sure Fulham will stay up. I was sure before the game, and I'm sure after the game. We were close to a win and the next game we will win."

West Ham United 3 - 1 Southampton

Sam Allardyce (West Ham United): "It has been a fantastic run for us. The four wins on the trot from where we were is an outstanding performance by the players. I thank them for their efforts and the quality they are showing at the moment. In the Premier League it is all about the resilient qualities in defence and you have to score a goal, which today contributed massively in us winning this game. The three goals we scored were excellent and that got us back after going 1-0 down so early on. Credit to all the players."

Mauricio Pochettino (Southampton): "I am very disappointed with the defeat. I thought we fully deserved to get something more from that game. We had full control in the game and that even led us to go 1-0 up. It is clear that the 1-1 goal came from an offside position and that was unlucky for us. Then the team struggled to recover from going 2-1 down and that made everything quite difficult for us as well. In the second half we created many good chances and were unlucky not to get the 2-2, which actually changed the game. Overall I thought we were quite unlucky with the refereeing decisions and to have not scored more goals."

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