Premier League - Managers: Remy 'just like Cruyff and Bergkamp'

Managerial reactions from Sunday's Premier League matches, with one boss making a ludicrous comparison.

Premier League - Managers: Remy 'just like Cruyff and Bergkamp'

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Loic Remy, centre, scored the only goal of the game (PA Photos)

Norwich City 1-0 Tottenham Hotspur

Chris Hughton: "I have been told (about CEO David McNally's tears), but I can also tell you that he had a bereavement in his family, I think yesterday and I think that's had a fair bit to do with it. I speak to the chief executive on a very regular basis, we speak about lots of things. One thing I can guarantee is that everyone is pulling in the right direction here. As manager of this football club you have to go with the ups and downs, the disappointments and the highs, and you have to get on with your job. You have to do what you have to, and that's get the best results you can."

Tim Sherwood: "That's the first really major setback that I've had (since taking the job) and we need to be spirited and show what we're made of. (The six-point gap to Liverpool) looks big. It's a real blow to us but we've got to bounce back and we need characters in the dressing room to be able to do that. The first half performance was disappointing, the second half wasn't but too late and if you don't take the chances which we clearly had you aren't going to win many football matches unfortunately. We were stronger in the second period so you can't use (tiredness) as an excuse. Second half we looked like we were the far better side."

Newcastle United 1-0 Aston Villa

Alan Pardew: "Somebody just said to me the game seemed a little bit slower when (Loic Remy) was on the ball and I think when you get a quality player that's what they can do. Players like Cruyff and Bergkamp, they can slow the game down and he can do that. He's going to be hot property, he's going to get a lot of press tomorrow."

Paul Lambert: "It's a hard one to take, very much so. I thought we deserved a draw. "We were great in the first half, we had chance after chance and looked threatening. At the end I didn't think anyone was going to score."

Liverpool 4-3 Swansea City

Brendan Rodgers: "(Daniel Sturridge) is a natural goalscorer. He looks like he can score in every single game. He's got the ability, he's got the quality and thankfully he plays for us here and has still got a lot of improving to do. It's the point of the season where it is all about winning. That's what professional sport is about at this level. Especially when you're up there challenging. When everyone wins the day before, even though you try to take that pressure off, mentally and psychologically there's maybe that feeling that you know you've got to win."

Garry Monk: "You come here against a team who are pushing for the league title and to come their ground and give them such a good game, to be in it right to the end, shows how well we've done. Why can't they win it? They're up there and it's not out of their grasp. They've got the players to do it. With the strikeforce they have and the attacking players, there will always be goals in them."

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