Premier League - Managers: Wenger praises Wilshere for 'right response'

All the reaction to Sunday’s games with Arsene Wenger happy with how Jack Wilshere reacted to being caught smoking.

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Premier League - Managers: Wenger praises Wilshere for 'right response'

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Arsenal's Jack Wilshere (R) is challenged by West Bromwich Albion's Billy Jones (Getty Images)

Norwich 1-3 Chelsea

Chris Hughton: "I generally felt, on the balance of play after conceding a poor goal so early and giving them that momentum, we couldn't have asked for any more effort and determination.

"It was their second goal which hurt us. It came from our corner and we were set up very well, but their power and pace on the counter-attack got the better of us, then at 2-1 it became very difficult for us. You have to hold your hand up sometimes: the strike for the third goal, they have that kind of quality."

Jose Mourinho: "During the game I am not nervous. I have feelings. I smell things, and when that easy goal (from Ba) was missed, I had a smell that they would score a goal. That is why I had Eden warming up at 1-0 because I smelled that.

"We could have won or lost it at 1-1 because we, at that moment, we didn't want a point. If they had scored a second goal, we would probably lose, but we are trying to be top. After a point at Spurs, a point here would have been a bad result for us, so we tried to win it."

Southampton 2-0 Swansea

Mauricio Pochettino: “We were able to keep another clean sheet, which was a massive positive for us, but Boruc has our full trust to be our number one keeper.

"I don't know what happened in the past, but in the eight months I've been here he's been excellent for us. There's great competition between the three main goalkeepers and behind in the youth teams, so we're very happy with the great atmosphere between them."

Michael Laudrup: “I don't know if frustration's the right word, but I think there are always positives and negatives in every game. Before we started this season we said it would be difficult for the team and we've seen a lot of cases around Europe of teams who have to play on Sundays.

"I can only say we are doing well, and are playing well in all the games after midweeks. This was the seventh game in 20 days. I thought it could be some players tired. You play every three days, but I really didn't see that. It's true Southampton were the best team in the first 10 minutes, but since the goal I think we dominated the whole game.”

Tottenham 0-3 West Ham

Andre Villas-Boas: "It's a wake-up call that we have to react to, we have to bounce back and I trust the team to do that. I think we can't undermine what we have been doing up to now.

"Obviously it's a defeat. Had we won this game we would have been just one point behind. It's something we don't like, but we have to put into perspective of what we've done before."

Sam Allardyce: "That was a genius goal [by Ravel Morrison]. Tottenham had conceded two goals before this, but he just headed directly to Vertonghen and Dawson, slipped them like they weren't there and he used his outstanding ability to dink the goalkeeper.

"For me you will struggle to see a better goal this season. The penny has dropped with him. It has dropped in lifestyle and attitude and his timekeeping, all of a sudden there is a belief that he doesn't want to do anything other than break into our first team.

West Brom 1-1 Arsenal

Steve Clarke: "I'm pleased with the players for another good game against another top team. On the back of what we did at Old Trafford, four points from these two games is a good return for us.

"But it's not just the fact we're getting results against top teams it's that we're in the game. We look a good team. It was a good game between two good teams. I thought we more than deserved the point."

Arsene Wenger: "He [Jack Wilshere] is an honest lad and when he's wrong he knows it. Today the players do not get away with anything - we got away with a bit more. But what is more interesting for England and for Arsenal is that he shows the right response on the pitch.

“I don't think he will ever be a goalscorer. He's a player who can create chances and provide for others. In our job it is quite simple: you need players who score and players who give the ball to those who score. Jack is more in the second category than the first. But from the second category you want a few goals as well so it is good that he knows he can score."

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