Premier League - Managers: Benitez vows to win over Chelsea fans

Managerial reaction from Sunday’s Premier League matches, as new Blues boss Rafa Benitez vows to change the perception of vitriolic fans.

Premier League - Match facts: Chelsea v Fulham

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Rafa Benitez during Chelsea's Premier League game against Manchester City (Reuters)

Chelsea v Manchester City

Rafael Benitez on the vitriol showed by Chelsea fans: "I have been here in England for eight years and have heard a lot of things. The good thing is I don't understand what people sing. When the fans are singing - home fans or away fans - I don't care...I am just focused on the game. I want to change their (Chelsea fans) perception. How? Working hard, do my best and win games. If we start performing, if we start winning games they will come on board. The manager wants to win every game, and so do the fans, so we will win together. Now is the beginning, it wasn't easy, hopefully the next one will be easier. The team worked very hard, you could see all of them were together. We didn't make too many mistakes; some situations in the past maybe they lost a bit of concentration. It was a clean sheet, and you have some positives but I'm not 100 per cent satisfied because you want to win."

Roberto Mancini: "I’m not satisfied with one point. To play here at Chelsea is always difficult but to play well as we did here today, we can’t lose two points. We were so poor in the last 20 metres. When we have a chance, we need to score. I like everything from my team, but not the last 20 minutes. We had chances to score but we missed the last pass. You have to be strong with that in the box. If you are soft, you won’t score. That’s why I was upset."

On Benitez: "I work with another team, but I can say it's very difficult for him and for his team to play well. I don't think that Rafa is a magician. I don't think he can change everything in a few days. Weeks ago, Chelsea were on top and playing well. They have good players. Every manager needs time. To do this job is very difficult. To do it is fantastic. We know everything, but it's a difficult job. Also, in England, it's easier than in Italy to do this thing."

Tottenham v West Ham

Andre Villas-Boas on Jermaine Defoe’s goal: "It was very similar to the goal he scored against Reading, turning away from the defender and taking it on. On one-on-one situations he’s immense. It was decisive because it unlocks the game. He’s an incredible striker. His form is absolutely immense. He’s enjoying his football. When we see strikers of this nature, their anger for goals is exactly what you want and request from a striker. I couldn’t ask for any more. I think it was a very good performance (from Tottenham). We’ve been chasing it for some time; a solid 90-minute performance. I think we were very deserving of it. We don’t jump a lot in terms of the table but we narrow the gap. We’re within two points of Chelsea. It’s narrowing down. It puts third place in a better perspective and hopefully we can continue this run of form against Liverpool."

Sam Allardyce: "We were very poor, unfortunately. There’s not a lot to defend the players. I’d like to. We got showed up in some defensive frailties, which hasn’t been the case normally this season. It’s been the basis of our success. To expect anything at Tottenham we’ve got to be 100 per cent and we weren’t today. You can’t let yourself be put under that much pressure because in the end you will make mistakes and they punished us severely. The whole story looked like we were a bit overawed and I don’t know why. Tottenham have lost three of the last four so they’re hardly in form, are they? We’ve made it easy for Tottenham to win today and that’s disappointing for me. We haven’t been anywhere near our best."

Southampton v Newcastle

Nigel Adins: "It was probably a better performance than last week. There was a good momentum about us and we carried that on here. It was a good performance. We scored two, but could have scored some more. The crowd were great, the players were great and we got a clean sheet. We've been progressing all the way through. Last week I spoke about a growing maturity about the group of players and I think we're progressing well. Our confidence has been good since the start of pre-season, but you've got to get yourself ready as quickly as possible to reach the level the Premier League is at. The players are doing that and doing that very well at this moment in time. We know we're in the hardest, toughest and most desirable league to be in. We worked very hard to get here and we'll continue to keep working hard. We have a forward momentum about ourselves."

Alan Pardew: "We're worried, of course we're worried, because we are Newcastle United and we've really got that dressing room to take into Wednesday night (at Stoke). It's not like we can add four or five players from the squad into that group. That is our group and they have been soundly beaten and are going to another tough place. We have three days to try and lift the team to try and get ready for another tough game."

Swansea v Liverpool

Michael Laudrup: "I think it was a good point, I think we deserved that point. In the first half they had more chances than us but we had chances too and I am pleased with the performance. You know when you play against Suarez and (Steven) Gerrard they can always invent something, but I think we handled it well. There has been a lot of talk about (Luis) Suarez and Ashley (Williams) and here we saw two guys trying to do their best. Suarez did some good things, but maybe less than he is used to as he played against two guys who did very well. There was one foul and yellow card for Chico (Flores) but it was a fantastic game defensively."

Brendan Rodgers: "We were unfortunate with the offside goal (from Jose Enrique) we had ruled out. That was a goal. I have seen it on the replay. But we are now eight games unbeaten and we are chipping away and our method was good. We've had 18 shots at goal, nine of them on target and we haven't scored. We need someone apart from Suarez to round off a lot of the good play we saw today. I thought our build-up play was good and we got through the thirds well. I just thought we needed a fraction more belief in the final third. There were opportunities around the box where we could have got a shot off a bit quicker. I thought the method in our game was good, and people who would have seen the game at the end of last season would have seen a difference. Our performance level is continually improving. We're just chipping away at climbing up the league, and we'll do that.”

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