Premier League - Managers: Moyes rues United 'sickener'

All the reaction to Saturday's games with David Moyes left frustrated by a late goal conceded by Manchester United.

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Premier League - Moyes fears for Januzaj reputation

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Manchester United manager David Moyes talks to Adnan Januzaj (Reuters)

Manchester United 1-1 Southampton

David Moyes: "The boys who had been on international duty looked tired, and it was on my mind, but I didn’t want to make too many changes before we got the game out of sight. As it was, we didn’t, and conceding in the last minute was a real sickener. We’d done enough to get ourselves more than one goal, but we never really had enough control at times. I thought we had really good pockets of play at some points of the game, but not enough control. [Adnan Januzaj] is a really talented player, it’s great that we’ve got him signed up, and he’s only 18. We’ll try to use him at the right moments as the season goes on, but the way he’s been playing he’s worthy of being in the side."

Mauricio Pochettiino: "I want to congratulate my players - they made an amazing effort and they fully deserve all the credit today. It's all down to the collective work - the fact we all try to make the maximum effort and try to make things tough on the opposing team. That's a sign of how we play - that's how we want to play. We pressure very high up the pitch and we pressure a lot. Again I want to congratulate them because it is not easy to come to a ground like Manchester United's and get a positive result like we have done today."

Arsenal 4-1 Norwich City

Arsene Wenger: "All the goals were great, but the first was exceptional and improvised. It was certainly one of the best (Arsenal) goals, one I enjoyed the most because it was a team goal. It had combinations and speed which you would always like your team to play (with). This one was a mixture of technical quality, speedy thinking, quick reaction and as well being calm in front of goal. It had nearly everything you want to have, it was a great goal."

Chris Hughton: "The biggest disappointment for me is that I don't think 4-1 is a true reflection of the balance of play. We had some really good periods and what happens at 2-1 when we are back in it, I almost have to take responsibility for because we opened up a bit. However, with their first goals, I do not think there are many teams who can score that type of goal, which is probably testament to the type of form Arsenal are in."

Chelsea 4-1 Cardiff City

Steve Holland (Jose Mourinho was sent off): "My view of [Eto'o's controversial contribution for the equaliser] was that Samuel was on the shoulder of the goalkeeper, I think the goalkeeper was aware that he was there. He went to bounce the ball and as it was in mid-air Samuel touched it, the ball broke for us and we equalised. The referee had a very good view of it, I'm sure he's aware of the rules of the game. If that is the case [that the goal shouldn't have stood], over the course of the season those things can go for you or against you. The referee had a very clear view of it and was happy with it, so we move on."

Malky Mackay: "I've got to be careful what I say, because I'm certainly not intending having money taken from me. I did go in to ask for clarification of the ruling and what the referee and linesman saw. The explanation leaves me really disappointed because I've since looked at it and the explanation was that they felt the goalkeeper dropped the ball. My goalkeeper bounced the ball. He saw Samuel Eto'o standing next to him and he bounced the ball. They (the match officials) thought he didn't have the ball in his control and he dropped it and the ball was in open play. That's a mistake."

West Ham 1-3 Manchester City

Sam Allardyce: "[Vaz Te’s goal] was too late, though, wasn't it? That was the problem. Manchester City were better than we were. I have always said if you are going to get a good result then you have to play your very, very best and sometimes the opposition don't allow you to do that. I think that we thought we could come out of the traps and set the tempo, but what happened was that Manchester City decided they would do that because of their quality.”

Manuel Pellegrini: "Getting three points today was the most important thing for us. I think the team played very, very well and we scored three great goals. We knew before we started the game that Chelsea and Arsenal had won their games, so it was very important for us to do the same as we must be a maximum of three points behind the leaders after today. We will try the next time we play away, against Chelsea, to recover the points we lost at the beginning of the Premier League.”

Newcastle United 2-2 Liverpool

Alan Pardew: "I thought it was great advertisement for the Premier League. In the opening period of the game, when we had 11 players, we were matching them. Then we had the guy sent off and I have no qualms about that, he had to go. So we had to show our other side - the resilience. We showed it before against Cardiff and we showed it against Liverpool. It was a great game on the pitch there as real quality."

Brendan Rodgers: "Steven is a player who I have watched for many years. For me, his best league goal came at this ground when he played Newcastle and scored an absolute screamer here from a free-kick in 2008. So to get his 100th goal here is great for him. He always scores against Newcastle. He's an incredible player. As a captain, he's been brilliant and he understands the manager's role and he respects it."

Swansea City 4-0 Sunderland

Michael Laudrup: "We've done well. But it's true that this was the first win at home in the league this season. We can always go in and talk about fixtures and who you've played against, but we've played against three of the top teams (Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal). But when people start to talk about things like that, it's better to turn it down immediately, and the only way you can do that in this case is by winning. For me, it was a great win because it was a very difficult game."

Gustavo Poyet: "As a manager you learn a lot from watching your players on the pitch - you can see which ones turn it up a gear and which ones put their heads down [after conceding a goal. The biggest thing for me today is that I have learned a lot from my players. It’s not an excuse, but five or six of the players in the team today have not been with me for the last two weeks. They were able to play their part today but not for the full game. At this level, if you’re losing a game 1-0 or 2-0, you are still in the game, it’s very important we stay in the game until the last minute and that’s something we need to make sure we do."

Everton 2-1 Hull City

Roberto Martinez: "Thursday's session he [Steven Pienaar] looked really sharp and he finished so clinically I felt he was not ready for 90 minutes but we had to have him around the team. First touch and back of the net is quite an impact. Steven Pienaar brings something really special to our side, for many reasons - firstly the understanding he has with Leighton Baines and also the way he can find space. We knew he couldn't play 90 minutes but the impact he had in the game was terrific. "It was important for us to have that little bit of magic to get that second goal."

Steve Bruce: "There is no-one more of an admirer than I of Gareth Barry, he is a really great player, but he has nudged the first (goal) and changed the course of the ball standing a yard offside. We've had one or two go our way but the big ones today have not gone our way. The linesman has got to flag - he (Barry) is a yard offside and he touches it, I am 100 per cent certain of it and he runs away like he's touched it. I'm not saying it's the referee's fault but surely the linesman has to flag for offside even if he hasn't touched it as he has stepped over it so he has to be interfering with play."

Stoke City 0-0 West Brom

Mark Hughes: "It was a decent, well-fought draw. West Brom are a good team. People have seen that before today's game, but we were unable to get a great deal of momentum. We didn't put them under enough pressure in the second half, but having said that Marko Arnautovic and Stephen Ireland had chances."

Steve Clarke: "I think the two words for it are stonewall penalty (when Adam fouled Mulumbu). How the officials have missed it is beyond belief, but sometimes you get decisions and sometimes you don't. It is a decision that didn't come our way. If he had wanted to con the referee he would have gone down on the first contact. He managed to wriggle free of that. It is clear, whatever angle you look at it, it was a penalty. I don't think he meant to do it but he ran down the back of his foot. It was a clear penalty. I don't criticise the referee overall. You have to understand I am talking about one decision here where I find it difficult that between them they didn't see the penalty."

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