Premier League - Managers: Pellegrini delighted City won it in style

Managerial reaction from the final round of Premier League matches with Manuel Pellegrini praising the style with which his side won the league.

Premier League - Managers: Pellegrini delighted City won it in style

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Trainer Manuel Pellegrini präsentiert stolz die Trophäe für die Meisterschaft in England

Manchester City 2 - 0 West Ham United

Manuel Pellegrini: "It was my first season in the Premier League and I had to change a lot of things. The most important thing was we changed absolutely the way this team play. I am not criticising other styles or comparing, I like to play one way and for me it was very important to give the reasons and to have the trust of the players to change the way they played before. It has been a brilliant season and I would say of all the sides we kept going longest in all four competitions. The Wigan [FA Cup quarter-final] defeat was quite tough to bear but when you consider we played 14 or 15 more games than Liverpool, maybe if we had gone further in the FA Cup we may not be sitting here as champions."

Sam Allardyce: "If you are a manager, this is the highest level in the world, and I have competed at this level for many, many years. There's only Arsene Wenger has competed at this level longer than me. I know how to manage in this league and I know how to turn teams into better teams than when you first take them over, so there you go. It's not a very secure industry but it's one we all love and enjoy doing. We have had no real threat of relegation for a while and we have done the job after our difficulties in December and January. We have won seven of 15, nearly a 50 per cent win rate and we have 14 clean sheets. The lads have withstood the pressure and we are established in the Premier League for the second season on the trot, exactly where I was asked to get us to be. Statistically, year three is better but that depends if you can improve your squad."

Liverpool 2 - 1 Newcastle United

Brendan Rodgers: "It's been brilliant. We've been on an incredible journey this year. To finish with 12 wins and a draw (from the last 14 league games) is an incredible achievement. It was unfortunate not to win the title but we've shown great hope for the future. We've helped the supporters dream here and we're a team on the up and we have momentum. I don't think we failed to cope with the pressure. We won 12 and drew one (of the last 14 games) and we just had an unfortunate result against Chelsea. This is a group that could cope with the pressure but we'll learn from this.”

Alan Pardew (on Shola Ameobi’ sending off): "I think what happened is he said 'if you carry on I am going to send you off' and maybe sarcastically Shola said 'are you going to send me off?' and he did," Pardew said. That is what Phil told me. He should have managed it better than that. It was a shame. I know Shola and he doesn't swear. It was sad because it might be his last match for us. How angry can you get if you don't swear? The Paul Dummett one was just a yellow card. Brendan agreed with me."

Tottenham Hotspur 3 - 0 Aston Villa

Tim Sherwood: "I think it would make sense to have it resolved as soon as possible - I'm not sure what's going to happen, I haven't spoken to Daniel about what the future holds. We need to have a sit down and we need to have a chat. I've enjoyed it, it's been great, it's been an honour to manage this football club and long may it continue. If it is to be my last game, life goes on. There were no tears shed out there on the lap of honour. This club means a lot to me but if I'm not to continue here as manager I'll be somewhere else. I've got a 59 per cent win ratio in the Premier League and I think if I had started the season in charge we'd be in the Champions League."

Paul Lambert: "It's never nice because the lads have given everything in their body to avoid relegation and get over the line. Supporters come a long, long way and pay good money to watch and try to see their team win. You've got to be big enough to take it. They're a young group of players as it is and it'll probably affect even the experienced ones. Nobody likes to be criticised, it's human nature, but you come through it and when you do it'll certainly make you stronger. It's not nice to hear but I understand it."

Norwich City 0 - 2 Arsenal

Neil Adams: "You would hope we can keep as many as we can because we want to come straight back up next season.”

Adams maintained there had been no fall out with club-record signing Ricky van Wolfswinkel, who has managed just one goal, and was not in the match-day 18. "Nothing happened as such. He just wasn't picked.I didn't see a strop and he didn't refuse to be a substitute."

Arsene Wenger: "At the top, everybody who wins it can say they deserve to win it," he said. "But Man City were just getting over the line without the brilliance they had shown at the start of the season, but they had experience, quality and congratulations to them. They came a little bit from behind because they had three games in hand at some stage, but they managed to win these games. Unfortunately it's the first time in the Premier League that you finish fourth with 79 points and it was very tight. I believe that Liverpool can be frustrated tonight, we can be frustrated, Chelsea can be frustrated because only one team can win it, but at the top the number of points made by all the four teams is top quality."

Cardiff City 1 - 2 Chelsea

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer :"Everyone can see signs. Of course, the difference in quality started to show in the end. We've had chats. He's going to think about what he wants to do. For everyone in the club it's been a long, trying and testing period. You need some time to reflect and think about where you want to go and what you want to do. It's got to be lads who love playing football, love that side of it, not the other side of football - the cars and all that flash bits. The players here have got the experience of the Championship and that experience is something we've got to draw on."

Jose Mourinho: "They are not guilty of Aston Villa-Chelsea and Chelsea-Sunderland, it's nothing to do with them. They deserve (it). I never did (finish third). It's the first time. Third position is not a drama. It's a position we have to accept in this transitional period. You can't click your fingers and success arrives. This season it almost happened, but, for the last time, Aston Villa-Chelsea and Chelsea-Sunderland make it more difficult."

Southampton 1 - 1 Manchester United

Mauricio Pochettino: "I want to say that I still have one more year on my contract. It is only normal that these rumours will start cropping up. We know the rules with how these things happen in England. (On Monday) we will sit down and we will talk. This is the end of a five-year project, we have achieved what we wanted from this project and now a new project has to start. I have said that this club now deserves to be in a new project, the board has to decide how that happens, two years, three years or four years - I just want to sit down and talk and we will see what happens."

Ryan Giggs: "No, I'm not really. I'll decide within the next week. I think the managerial situation will be sorted out in the next week. (I'll) think of my own position and decide what I am going to do. Whether to play on or not. Whether to stay on at the staff, what position that is going to be. Whether I take a year off from football. These are the options, these are the decisions I have to make. All the options are open to me. I've been quite open with you. I'll look at everything. I might have to do it quick if a new manager is appointed."

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