Premier League - Managers: 'The ref thought I was on work experience'

All the Premier League reaction with Reading's caretaker manager Eamonn Dolan feeling aggrieved on his first day in the job.

Premier League - McCarthy: Dolan will do good job

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Eamonn Dolan (PA Photos)

Manchester United 1-0 Reading

Sir Alex Ferguson: "You don't get points and medals for being complacent and we won't be. I think the players are conscious of the importance of the games now and that concentration, which has improved, has helped us do that [in terms of keeping clean sheets]. I think, before the game, we always thought that winning was the important thing today. It wasn't a great performance but where we are now is not down to today, but the last six months. The team has shown great consistency and played a lot of great football. Our goal difference is big over City now - 13 goals. It's a great position to be in, but the only thing we can do is win our next game."

Eamonn Dolan: "It was a clear penalty but I think the referee thought I was on work experience and 'a perfect little 1-0 loss for Reading' would be fine. I wouldn't have expected that from the referee but what can you do? Vidic and Mariappa are watching the ball, Vidic looks at him and pushes him - it's a clear penalty. But it's Manchester United away, so you don't get it! We worked very hard for four days on the best way we felt would be to get a result. With a bit of luck, we could have got a draw. We made them work really, really hard for the win, that's for sure. If we'd come into today with four wins behind us, I think we would have got a result - that's the way football works sometimes."

Southampton 3-1 Liverpool

Mauricio Pochettino: “We cannot allow ourselves to concede a goal in the manner that we did, these are the things that we need to work on and improve upon. However, I think we implemented the game plan from the very first minute and all the hard work we have put in on the training ground over the week was transferred onto the pitch. As a manager these things satisfy me, as does seeing the smiles on the face of my players in the changing room.”

Brendan Rodgers: "We just weren't very good. It was as simple as that. If you start a game the way we started it then it is very difficult at this level to get back. We only started to play when we were 2-0 down. We got it back to 2-1 and we were better in the second half but then conceded another very poor goal. This was a poor day at the office. The problem is we have to live with it for a couple of weeks now. We've played a lot recently with three midfield players in there and it gives us the chance to control and dominate the game. Unfortunately this week, we had a couple of players that had niggles and hadn't had a full week's training - like Lucas Leiva. We put Lucas on in the second half and he was excellent. We just didn't quite have our rhythm today and that was across the team. We've no excuse."

Aston Villa 3-2 QPR

Paul Lambert: "I thought we started the game really well. They got a goal and Brad has made three world-class saves, which certainly helped us. I thought we started really well, passed it really well but the goal rocked us. It always will, that's an experienced team not just a young team. But credit to the players. We scored at the death in the first-half and then after that, we were exceptional. We deserve a lot of credit, we were excellent, especially second half. I always think we are a threat and today proved it. Especially attacking that Holte End, it can suck the ball in at times."

Harry Redknapp: "It's a setback but we can't go feeling sorry for ourselves. We've got to keep going. There are still games to go. If we keep playing well we can win four of five games. I'm upset for the lads, I thought they played well today. We've not lost through a lack of effort. We were fantastic in the first half. It was so one-sided it was unbelievable. I wanted to come in (at half-time) 1-0 up, even though it could have been more. Instead they've suddenly got a lift after being awful. They couldn't believe their luck. We threw it away from where we were."

Swansea City 0-2 Arsenal

Michael Laudrup: “In the first half there was some good football from both sides. They had a couple of chances, but so did we. In the second half there wasn’t a great deal of football from either side, but the first goal decided the game in my opinion. We knew it was a massive game for Arsenal and they needed a win today. It’s always important to try and find motivation in every game. Everyone wants to win and the attitude today was fine. It isn’t very often that you see a small team like us sitting with 40 points with eight games to go and a major trophy in our hands.”

Arsene Wenger: "You have the right to celebrate without being provocative. I know Fabianski well. I know that he had not even seen Michu when he celebrated. I came out many times and said I'm a great admirer of the attitude of this team. I think to win a big game on Wednesday night transformed the belief of the team a little bit. We've struggled during the season to find that and I think you could see today again that you cannot question the attitude of these players. The solidarity they showed are qualities that will be needed until the last day of the season."

Everton 2-0 Manchester City

David Moyes: "The sending off was a terrible decision. The boy [Garcia] rolls about three times when it happens and there's hardly any contact, so I thought it was the wrong decision. We had played well before that point. We scored a goal in the first half that was onside, but we didn't get it. I thought they had got a penalty but it wasn't in the box so I can't argue with that, but the decision for us to be under that much pressure I thought was wrong. It went for us in the end, so I'm not going to complain. If you watch Everton regularly, you'd have to say today is typically what we do. I thought we played really well in the first half and in the second, when down to 10 men, we did what Everton did 11 years ago when I took over. We were resilient, hard to beat. We made sure the opposition didn't score and threw ourselves on the line for the team. The players showed they were a team and the performance against Wigan is one that doesn't happen very often."

David Platt (standing in for Roberto Mancini): “From where I was down on the touchline I didn’t know if it [Fellaini's handball] was inside or not, but we quickly had a message come through to us that it was inside – having now seen it myself, it was well inside the box, but it’s not gone for us. But even then we probably created enough decent chances to get something out of the game. Perhaps we didn’t throw enough at them and when we did create chances we didn’t put them away. The way the game went with bags of bookings, you felt as though somebody was going to go down to ten men. They did and we didn’t take advantage of that."

Stoke City 0-0 West Bromwich Albion

Tony Pulis: “I know there have been moans and groans recently, but we can’t afford to lose our supporters. They are such a vital part of this club. It’s very encouraging for the players to have those on the terraces giving them that backing. The majority of the supporters understand that you have ups and downs in life, and football reflects life. You have good times, you have bad times. You need most help when things aren’t going well. The fans were brilliant today and they deserve a real pat on the back for their contribution.”

Steve Clarke: "It was a game of very few chances and probably very little entertainment for the people watching. It is a good point away from home. We want to try to improve our away record and although we always like to try to win games, sometimes it is not possible. This is a difficult place to come and we knew it would be a tough game and one of few chances, which is how it turned out to be. The clean sheet for us is important - it is always important to defend well, especially away from home. We will take it as a good point."

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