Premier League - Managers: Refs are 'free from everything', fumes Mourinho

Managerial reaction from Saturday's Premier League matches, with Jose Mourinho far from pleased about being sent to the stands.

Premier League - Mourinho cleared over Foy comments

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Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho (R) is directed out of the dugout by fourth official Jonathan Moss (Reuters)

Hull City 0 – 2 Manchester City

Steve Bruce (on whether George Boyd dived): "There's a difference between simulation and diving, and trying to get out of the road. That's what Boyd is trying to do - nobody's going to stand there with Joe Hart coming at him. I think the referee got it spot-on. But the push in the back (by Fernandinho) looked a penalty."

Manuel Pellegrini: "I think it was a very good response from the team. It was a very difficult week and then we had to start this game playing with one player less after 10 minutes. It was more difficult to play with 10 players but I trust the team, I trust the players and I think we did really well with the ball."

Everton 2 – 1 Cardiff City

Roberto Martinez: "It was a really intense game, Cardiff were very, very good. David Marshall in goal was phenomenal, as good an individual performance as you are going to see from a goalkeeper. It became a very difficult test for us and I was pleased that we never panicked and did the right things. You can say you get a bit lucky when you score the winner so late, but it was down to having that control and patience. I did think we deserved the three points but I thought Cardiff deserved huge, huge credit.”

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: "We feel very disappointed not coming away with one, maybe three points. It was a stonewall penalty for Wilf when he goes through two or three of them at 1-1. I don't know how many times we have to look at us claiming penalties and not getting it. We can talk about it all day long and look at the video but that doesn't help does it? The performance was outstanding, a phenomenal effort. They had 'cojones' as you say.”

Fulham 1 – 0 Newcastle United

Felix Magath: "I do not care much about the other results. We have to do our work and we have to do our results. It was not only the result today. We were the better team. It will give us the confidence that we can avoid relegation and stay in the league. I'm convinced that we can manage it and stay in the league. After this game and this victory I'm more than convinced."

John Carver (Assistant manager of Newcastle, on Alan Pardew’s absence due to stadium ban): "It was pretty brief. Two conversations and that was it. Other than him not being here for the 3.5 hours, he's been right at the front of it."

Southampton 4 – 2 Norwich City

Mauricio Pochettino: "It's a great lesson that we have to learn from today's game. We're a young side that's still growing and the main lesson today is that, obviously, the game is not finished until the final whistle has blown. I thought the game was overall controlled. It is true that when Rickie Lambert came on his contribution was very good and was great for the team and also Sam Gallagher's contribution was very good.”

Chris Hughton: "For the majority of the game a very good Southampton team were better than us and if you concede three goals like we did you make life very difficult for themselves. It's never nice to hear those chants (about him being up for the sack) but I understand. We have more than 2,000 supporters who have travelled to watch the game and it's their club and team, and they want to see a team competing.”

Stoke City 3 – 1 West Ham United

Mark Hughes on a potential penalty decision against Marc Muniesa: "I think there was contact but in fairness to Marc Muniesa I think he wasn't even looking at the ball when it actually hit him. He made a genuine attempt to challenge for the ball and was up against Andy Carroll, who is about a foot and a half bigger than him, so you have to use your arms for leverage to try to get anywhere near a challenge that will put him off.”

Sam Allardyce: "I think in the cold light of day, we have to blame ourselves. But there is a big part to blame the referee for as well. There is absolutely no doubt about that in my mind - I have just reviewed the situation on the laptop and watched a blatant handball that stops Andy Carroll chesting the ball down and maybe having a chance to shoot and score a goal. It is arm to ball, not ball to arm, and the referee is in a fantastic position to see it. So I am totally and utterly baffled by that decision.”

Sunderland 0 – 0 Crystal Palace

Gus Poyet: "Nothing will change until the last game, nothing. Apart from some big surprises, I don't think a team is going to been gone in the next four or five weeks, completely down or the opposite, completely safe. It's going to be tight. It could be a goal, which sometimes people don't think. It could be one goal, the difference between staying up in the Premier League or going down, so we need to be smart. It's not going to be easy, but if we try like today and we fight like today, we have got a better chance, that's for sure."

Tony Pulis: "We are 17th, that's where it leaves us, and it leaves us in a situation where we have to try to get as many points as we possibly can. We are in the frame with 10 other teams - it's remarkable, really, how many people are down there and how many clubs are involved in it. It was a must-not-lose game for us, very much so. The last two away games, it has been two clean sheets and it's been what we have worked on."

Swansea City 1 – 2 West Bromwich Albion

Garry Monk: "You never have it won by half-time, whatever game you play in. The way we played first half was pretty much exactly how we wanted them to play. They carried it out, we were getting crosses, we were causing problems, we were getting chances and probably could have taken a few more, so probably should have taken more from the first half.”

Pepe Mel: "I am blessed. For the fans, for the players, we need to win and in football, confidence is all. The players need to win and now it's different, I hope. We talked about the problems [at half-time], talked about the football, talked about the future face to face, and it's only 45 minutes and we need to change. The football players at West Brom are intelligent. The pressure is the same for all the countries - in Spain, in England, Germany it's the same. My work is dangerous. Head coach is a difficult job, but the most important in football is the player."

Aston Villa 1 – 0 Chelsea

Paul Lambert (on Chelsea’s red cards): "I saw the Ramires one and that was a shocker. I've seen it and been involved in games where I've seen people going in like that and that was a leg-breaker. I've seen it and been involved in games where I've seen people going in like that and that was a leg-breaker. If anyone tells you different, I beg to differ. The first one is debatable, it was just a little tug, and if it was against my player, I would probably be argumentative about it, but the second one is an absolute no-brainer."

Jose Mourinho: "I don't want to bring the game into disrepute. I don't want to comment. I just want to let it go and not to comment. If you comment you are in trouble and I don't want to be. But Is it possible than Agbonlahor can get off bench and grab my player from behind? I didn't get a chance to ask my question (to the ref) and i was sent to the stands. The ref has a good life because he goes home and is free from everything."

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