Premier League - Managers: Situation 'the same' for Benitez

All the managerial reaction from Saturday's games with Rafael Benitez refusing to panic despite another Chelsea defeat.

Premier League - Managers: Situation 'the same' for Benitez

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Rafael Benitez and Mauricio Pochettino

Southampton 2-1 Chelsea

Mauricio Pochettino: "Victories like this prove that we are on the right path. It is very important for the confidence of my players and especially the people surrounding our club - the technical staff. It is important that we believe we can achieve results as we saw here and we can continue achieving them in the future."

Rafael Benitez: "It is the same situation, if we had three points more it would be easier. We still have one game in hand and we have to carry on and concentrate and move on and start thinking about Monday (FA Cup quarter-final replay v Manchester United). In the league you still have a lot of games and I think it [the battle for a top-four finish] will run for the rest of the season."

Sunderland 0-1 Manchester United

Martin O'Neill (BEFORE BEING SACKED): "I am as buoyant now as - I was nearly going to say as I have always been. What is it - the half-full or the half-empty glass? I'm even going to the three-quarters full. There's a real determination in the dressing room. The players are obviously disappointed, but they can take a lot from the second half. Yes, there is a determination about the players in there that we can do it."

Sir Alex Ferguson: "We have got to win four games, I think to get there, but the important thing is to focus on the next match, and that's Manchester City at home. I think the players have galvanised themselves, their team spirit, their concentration, their focus in every game - and it's 25 wins in 30 league games, which I think is a record, and that's all down to the efforts of the players."

Manchester City 4-0 Newcastle

Roberto Mancini: "Vinnie (Kompany) is important for us. We played without him for 60 days, which was very bad for us, like when we lost Yaya Toure for a month. There are some players that are very important and if they don't play for three, four, five games it is a big problem. It is impossible we can win the title but it is important to finish the season well."

Alan Pardew: "I think we might have struggled against that Manchester City side even with my best team. Kompany gives them an assurance and a presence at the back that they might have been missing in other games. I don't think City are going to win the league and in the first half they had an assurance about them that comes from playing with no pressure."

Arsenal 4-1 Reading

Arsene Wenger: "Gervinho's performance was very strong. He was always dangerous, always looked like he could score, gave assists and scored himself. I believe that sometimes Gervinho has lost confidence because he played in a very negative atmosphere during a period. Strikers need confidence, and [with] his game, even more. He was always taking the ball and going forward, and provoking. When you lose confidence, that is a very dangerous game then. When he has found the confidence back, he's a very dangerous player. At the African Nations Cup, for me he was the best striker there. He is the type of player who is difficult to find, because they always go at people."

Nigel Adkins: "We have had a bit of a fragmented week with the change, and players away on international duty, trying to get to grips with where we want to go and what to do is going to be challenging. We wanted to get something here, but didn't. Arsenal kept the ball very well. We will analyse it now, debrief back with the players, take the lessons from it and work very hard on the training ground for the next one. You can't change everything straight away, but we will all work hard together to give us a chance in the next game. The spirit is there in the group, and all we can do is take it one match at a time - there here and now is putting this one to bed, working hard over the course of the week for the next one."

Swansea 1-2 Tottenham Hotspur

Michael Laudrup: "They had a very good start but both goals showed a player of Gareth Bale's quality can make the difference. With the first we could have done better even if it was a good pass and finish. But the second goal was just a fantastic finish by a very good player. There are different levels of players, even at this level. There are good players, very good players and exceptional players and they are the ones who sometimes out of nothing can make a difference. If you see his goal, or his goal against West Ham, it was not even a chance. He is a player who makes the difference and you are lucky if you have that. Not many teams do. If you take Bale out, without him the teams were at the same level."

Andre Villas-Boas: "When there are so many things that go well for the team it is hard to single out individuals but Gareth is a world class player offensively and defensively, as he showed when he made the block at the end to prevent Swansea getting a draw. But the whole team deserve credit because coming here after two league defeats and playing the way we did is never easy. We spoke at half-time about trying to get the third goal to put it beyond doubt but we couldn't and they did well to come back. We showed great determination and the winning mentality that surrounds us to come away and hold on for a great win from home and put ourselves back on track."

Everton 1-0 Stoke

David Moyes: "I’m nearly as pleased with that result as I was after the Manchester City win a fortnight ago. We have not got a great record against Stoke City in the last five or six games, so I was glad to get over the line. It was a great individual goal [from Mirallas]. Sometimes against Stoke City that’s what you need – somebody who can take people on and beat them. Thankfully he did that from about 70 yards out. I don’t think we have ever been out of (the Champions League race) and we are hanging in there. We are underdogs but we have got teams (above us) to play and we will go and give it a go. We have been close all season and matched most sides this year.

Tony Pulis: "Our problem has been scoring goals. We haven't played many games where we haven't created chances and, again, we have created enough chances to score. That's a bit of a worry, but the commitment and the football we played today and the attitude of the players was absolutely first class. I've been through this before when things are just not breaking for you. If they weren't having a go, or we weren't playing well, I would be really worried. You have to take the rough with the smooth. You have to make sure you keep the players going and keep the players focused and make sure they keep giving you the effort.

Wigan Athletic 1-0 Norwich

Roberto Martinez: "Before the game I knew it was going to be a really tricky fixture. First because we've never managed to win a game after an international break. We are very unusual with the amount of internationals we have and to have 13 players leaving the club makes things very difficult from a physical point of view. Because of that reason we couldn't be our normal selves in possession. I don't think we were stylish as we normally are but what we showed is an incredible character. Every player found a way to help the team to keep Norwich very quiet. To restrict any team in the Premier League to no shots on target requires massive effort. And then it was that little bit of quality at the other end. It seemed it couldn't quite fall for us but that's as good a goal as you're going to see in this league. The ball from Jordi Gomez was a fantastic, clinical ball, and the finish of Arouna Kone was just what he deserved for his work ethic."

Chris Hughton: With us having been so solid, I couldn't see that goal happening. For me, it's a soft goal. We lost the ball in the middle of the park and one good strike saw them get the goal they needed. When you go away from home sometimes you have to hold your hand up if you've been beaten and beaten well but I don't think anybody seeing the game would think that. We certainly deserved a draw and then it's just going to be about those moments. They had it and we didn't. But I thought for an away team we had good periods of the game where we had good control but it's one moment that's beaten us. It's very disappointing."

West Ham 3-1 West Brom

Sam Allardyce (on whether he would like to keeper Andy Carroll): "The answer to that would be yes. There is always a possibility. We will look at the end of the season and we will se what negotiations can be done. That was the best we have seen of him here. Because he has put two goals in, on top of a good performance. I hope this kicks him on to being a regular scorer for us in the next eight games. He is in a good frame of mind now and finally after a long wait his fitness is good and that's why you are seeing these performances and the goals are coming."

Steve Clarke: "West Ham deserved to win. It was a difficult afternoon but we haven't had too many of those this season.West Ham deserved to win. It was a difficult afternoon but we haven't had too many of those this season. I said to the group after the game that they must control their frustrations. (The Mulumbu incident) doesn't affect the game but it affects our group and our squad and the next three games. We have a small group and it's a big loss for us. He probably did it out of frustration."

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