Premier League: Managers: Wenger reels from 'shock to the system'

Managerial reaction to Saturday's Premier League games, with Arsene Wenger struggling to comprehend Arsenal's defeat to Norwich.

Premier League: Managers: Wenger reels from 'shock to the system'

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Norwich 1-0 Arsenal

Chris Hughton: "This has been a long time coming, which our performances have warranted. However, this league is unforgiving. I am delighted for the team, because the work-rate was outstanding and there is no coincidence in the result. We could have caught them on the counter more and made life easier for ourselves towards the end, but overall we restricted them and so it was a very satisfactory performance. We have deserved this by our play this season so far, so it is a very good feeling to get the win here at Carrow Road for the supporters."

Arsene Wenger: "I hope it will have a positive impact. It was a shock to the system today. But you have to give credit to Norwich today. They played well and were completely committed and they deserved the win. Maybe we underrated the difficulty we would face. But the Premier League is the Premier League. If you are not ready for the fight then you will always have bad surprises. There is a big difference between the amount of possession we had and the amount of chances we created. That is down to the fact that Norwich defended well and we did not create a lot."

West Brom 1-2 Manchester City

Steve Clarke: “It may be a bad decision to go chasing the winner instead of settling for a point. We’re disappointed with the equaliser. I thought the free-kick was soft and I thought they got a number of soft free-kicks. It’s difficult because you don’t have an extra man when it’s a set-play. And the set-plays coming in the box were causing us problems. Unfortunately for us they got a soft equaliser. From there we still wanted to win the game."

David Platt: "If you look at Edin's career for Manchester City, the goals he has scored, he has got a lot of heavy goals, goals that are very important. I remember goals at Blackburn the season before last which more or less gave us Champions League qualification. You look back at last season as well and he got some vital goals. To win the league, (Sergio) Aguero's goal will always be the one but remember Edin equalised. He has been a threat all season and his form has been very good all season."

Manchester United 4-2 Stoke City

Sir Alex Ferguson: "We keep starting badly in games, in the first 20 minutes. We conceded an early goal against Fulham, an early goal against Tottenham, an early goal today – we’re giving ourselves uphill fights. But there’s a goal threat about us, that has to be said, and some of the movement from the forwards was excellent. You don’t want it to happen [going behind] but the forwards are digging us out of a hole at times. Hopefully we’ll get it sorted. It was an own goal, the first goal, and you obviously can’t account for that. The second goal was a really slack goal for us to lose. There’s no doubt our attacking play has been the strongest part of our game [this season]. But we’re letting in goals at home and that’s disappointing."

Tony Pulis: "For them to score two minutes before half-time and then two minutes after half-time just took the sting out of the game. Then when we got the next goal to get back into the game, they got their fourth goal just a few minutes later. You can't switch off against the top teams and that's what we have done today. It is really disappointing in respect to the way we defended a few of the goals, but there were loads of positives because we've come here and created loads of chances."

Liverpool 1-0 Reading

Brendan Rodgers: "It was a brilliant goal. We have been asking him, Suso and the other wide players to try to break the line of defenders and he's done that. We've been doing a lot of work on that on the training field but all the credit goes to him because he's got to identify the moment to go in. It wasn't an easy chance because he is going away from goal, has a quick defender tracking him and to adjust his feet and have the technique to shoot across the keeper is wonderful. He's a terrific talent and he's got a good head on young shoulders."

Brian McDermott: "At the end of the game you could see their supporters, their staff, they were very relieved to get a result. We've come to Anfield and I think we've been unfortunate not to get a point. So we move on with a lot of positives today. In the first half they played well and it was a good finish. It was funny because all the passing movement that they created didn't really hurt us, and yet one ball over the top got them in and he finished it really well."

Chelsea 4-2 Tottenham

Roberto Di Matteo: "We want to win games in a way that we think we can with the players we have. Our philosophy is to play in a certain way because we believe that, with the players we have, that's the way to win games. At Arsenal we were very good, also against Reading I thought we played well and Juventus in the first half we were very strong, but the continuity we showed for the whole duration of the game today was pleasing. There were 10-12 minutes when Spurs came out from the dressing room very sharp. The early goal gave them confidence and momentum which we knew we had to ride out. Apart from that, the majority of the game we were in control. We took the initiative and managed to impose ourselves."

Andre Villas-Boas: "Chelsea do not need a lot of opportunities to score and, certainly, we had as many chances to score as they did. But when it went to 2-1 they managed to find the gaps between us with Mata, Hazard and Oscar and managed to get back to 2-2. At 3-2, we had chances to level the score and 4-2 is irrelevant because we were searching for 3-3. Everyone is disappointed because we wanted to go nearer to the top and this was a good chance to bring them down, but we have 30 more games ahead of us and we have to be focused and ready for them. We have to bounce back from adversity and improve our results again."

West Ham 4-1 Southampton

Sam Allardyce: "Like everybody else, I was dumbfounded by the first half and our lacklustre performance. The only good thing we did was to not allow Southampton any real chances even though we weren't playing to our best. We didn't score a goal that would have made things easier for us and it was hugely difficult for us before half-time. At half-time, without me telling them, the lads knew they were under par and I just said 'You've got to do the right things better and your work-rate, energy and tempo have got to be lifted by 15 or 20 per cent - not just five per cent. I told them that once that tempo was lifted and we put pressure on the opposition, they are a struggling side near bottom of the league with not a lot of confidence and they will make mistakes, which they did."

Nigel Adkins: "Honest answer? I don't know [how long he has to turn things around]. That is football, I am being brutally honest with you. There is a vision at the football club to play a certain brand of football by passing the ball. There needs to be stability at any football club, which is important. But I am not naive as it's football and football is a results-driven industry. We've got a process in place that we're doing our best to adhere to, but you've got to win games of football. You've got to keep it out at one end and stick it in at the other end."

Fulham 1-0 Aston Villa

Martin Jol: "Baird is very good at attacking the near post, he is always close but he hasn't scored for as long as I have known him. It was most probably the worst corner kick ever. I don't think it was a good delivery but because he attacked the ball he could score. It is about players being at the end of the delivery and it was nice to see Chris there. We should have scored a goal earlier. I thought we played really well for the first 15 minutes. After that they had too much possession for my liking. It was a result ground out by us but I don't care. We need the points. We have to be strong at home. I am very pleased."

Paul Lambert: "I thought some of the football we played was great. I thought we gave as good as we got. We came here, where their form has been really good, and gave a good account of ourselves. Chris (Benteke) had two hard games with the national team. Darren (Bent) was fresh, I thought Darren and Gabby (Agbonlahor) did fine. I thought he (Bent) did really fine. I thought him and Gabby worked well and worked hard together."

Swansea 2-1 Wigan

Michael Laudrup: "You can say there is a mixture of joy and relief, we knew [this game] was very important for us and I think if you see the game the players played with a lot of confidence and patience. But you know when you really want something, in this case a win, you cannot think you can do it in 10 minutes. At this level it takes 90 or 94 minutes and that is what happened. We knew both teams would want the ball as they are both good in possession and I think in the first half we had a little more possession and felt comfortable. But from the first minute of the second half we dominated completely, we did not create loads of chances but we got closer and closer and suddenly it was there. There was one goal and then we got the second and at that point everyone was thinking when would the third come to seal the win."

Roberto Martinez: "I think we deserved something, it was the game we all expected in terms of the manner of both teams and the concepts we share. We saw a real fight for possession and who would control the game and I thought we did that better than Swansea in the first half. We created better chances and restricted Swansea really well. But in these games you need that sharpness in the final third and probably we missed that."

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