Premier League - Managers: 'He'll never hit another one like that'

Managerial reaction from Saturday's Premier League matches, with Harry Redknapp left bemused by Rafael's wonder-strike.

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UNITED KINGDOM, London : Queens Park Rangers' English manager Harry Redknapp gestures during the English Premier League football match between Queens Park Rangers and Manchester United at Loftus Road (AFP)

Queens Park Rangers 0-2 Manchester United

Harry Redknapp: "I thought we were bang in the game. The little right-back hits a 'worldie' - he won't hit another goal like that as long as he plays football. He's hit one out of the clouds that's gone in the top corner. Up until then there wasn't a lot in it. This leaves us bottom today, but we won't be bottom at the end of the season. I still feel we'll get out of it. Every game is important, they will be tough games. We need to get a team together on Monday, bed them in and work with them, and I think there's enough there to give us an opportunity. I'm still optimistic. You probably think I'm mad, but I don't think I am. Everybody else has written us off, but I haven't. I still feel we have a chance."

Sir Alex Ferguson: "It is a good position but you know the way we approach it is to win our next game. That is the best way to do it, carry on doing that. I think it was more about determination and concentration at the back, in particular. We defended that part very, very well. It was a scrappy game at times and the pitch was lively. It is a tight ground and it was an ideal situation for a shock. Fortunately, we didn't get that. One goal is never enough, as you know. It only takes a second to lose a goal. I thought we played much better in the second half, I must say. We created some good chances but obviously Ryan's goal with 11 or 12 minutes to go killed the game."

Arsenal 2-1 Aston Villa

Arsene Wenger (on whether these are 'dreadful times'): "Of course. But you do your job and focus on the next game. That's what I did. I'm not 30 years in this job at the top level to be destroyed by people saying I don't know what I'm doing. (If I was) I would have stopped this job a long time ago. But we have responsibilities and have to stand up and get the team ready to fight... Santi Cazorla played very well and delivered in a game that was very important. He's a great player. He has shown he's a great football player and I'm happy and grateful he delivered those two important goals today. I didn't expect him to score so many goals for us. He has 11 games to go so he could get a few more. For me, he's a complete football player because he also has spirit."

Paul Lambert: "We shouldn't have lost it. We were exceptional in parts of that game and we should have been in the lead at half-time. At the very least we should have come away with a point. We've played like that for a number of weeks: West Brom, Everton, Newcastle in the second half, West Ham. We've just got to try and get more points on the board. We've got massive games still to come, and there'll be a lot of twists and turns this season... I have the belief in ourselves that we'll always be okay. I don't get caught up in the whole issue. If the lads keep playing like that, that's all I can ask for."

Norwich City 2-1 Everton

Chris Hughton: "Once you are 1-0 down and you get back to 1-1, you have to be honest and say you settle for that. But the lads wanted something different and showed great drive and determination to get the winner. We are past the 30-point mark now, so for us and the team, that is a big confidence booster."

David Moyes: "We had controlled the game, but were wasteful in the second half when we had chances to get another goal, and we were always going to be put under pressure at the end. I cannot understand why he plays three minutes and 20 seconds for the stoppage time, but he has got that discretion, although I disagree with it. We passed it well enough and tried to do the right things, but we were not good enough in the final third - but one thing is for sure, we did not deserve to lose... There is still chances for us to do it (get into the top four), but we are going to have to be very good to do it. However, we should have seen this one out, if we have any real ambitions, then we have to make sure we do not lose that game."

West Bromwich Albion 2-1 Sunderland

Steve Clarke (on Peter Odemwingie's return): "The Odemwingie thing meant I could never affect what the supporters are going to do. He's part of my squad and we're going to use him. He was always going to come back in at some stage. For me it's finished, the incident happened but that seems like a long time ago now. We have to move on and so should everyone else."

Martin O'Neill: "I felt we should have got something out of the game. That's the last three matches we've played where we shouldn't have been beaten. The big decision was the penalty kick which was given against us. But then there was a similar situation at the other end where it wasn't given. I've seen both of them back. Both are penalties. Their penalty gave them big lift. They got the help of a bizarre second goal. But we were never out of the game. We should've scored two or three times before West Brom's second goal."

Reading 0-3 Wigan Athletic

Brian McDermott (on a Gary Caldwell handball in the build-up to the first goal): ""The goal definitely should not have been given. I just spoke to Caldwell and he said himself he's handballed it. He knows he's handballed it. Unfortunately the ref hasn't seen it. It was a bad day. They've had a good day and we've had a bad day... They got a real spring in their step once they scored. But we didn't do the right things at the right time. We didn't get the details right. There are plenty of things you can look at. I'm going to move on quickly from that game. It's the only thing you can do in a situation like that. We've got 11 games to go now. We'll have a lot of good days in those 11 hopefully."

Roberto Martinez: "We are disappointed with the points tally that we have got. We need to get more points on a consistent basis. Today we came into a game which is a massive, massive relegation battle I thought we were composed and able to enjoy our football.... I think we've played much better than last season. I think we've been very consistent in terms of performances. We've improved in every department from being able to keep clean sheets and defend well. In football you are as good as your results and unfortunately we haven't been able to represent our performances with results."

Fulham 1-0 Stoke City

Martin Jol: "For us, today was vital. You know you can get dragged into problems but now we have 33 points we can look forward to the next couple of games. I feel you always need special, professional players who can make a difference and today it was Dimitar... Hopefully he will score other goals but we have other players. Mladen Petric has scored six goals without playing a lot so we have got more players who can make a difference but Dimitar certainly made a difference. Dimitar always scores between 15-25 goals and it would be silly to think he won't score 15-20 goals for us and that is what I always had in mind. Because he scored from a volley and I told him a few months ago he doesn't score any volleys any more. He used to do that all the time, he tries to prove a point."

Tony Pulis: "(Stoke are not safe) until we get 40 points, and we are still seven away. That will be the watershed and always is for me. I think everyone in the league who hasn't got 40 points will be (looking over their shoulders) that is the way it is. The league is a relentless league and every game is a tough game as we found out again here."

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