Premier League - Mourinho: Chelsea's trophyless season not easy to accept

Chelsea manager and Yahoo Global Football Ambassador Jose Mourinho admits last season was a transitional period for him as much as Chelsea with the club failing to win a trophy.

Premier League - Mourinho: Chelsea's trophyless season not easy to accept

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Jose Mourinho

In his first season back in English football, Mourinho's side threatened to carry off the Premier League and Champions League but was left frustrated in both major competitions.

His side finished third behind Manchester City and Liverpool in the league while Atletico Madrid completed a 3-1 aggregate win over Mourinho's side in the last four of the world's biggest club competition.

It was not easy to accept for a coach who led the club to two Premier Leagues, two league cup and the FA Cup during his first spell at Stamford Bridge between 2004-2007.

"We tried to, and we were not far from winning," said Mourinho. "But the reality is that the beginning of our process was not to have immediate results, but rather prepare for something in relation to the future.

"This is a transitional period for someone like me.

"I know I'm a difficult personality to work with. It is not easy for me to accept in a calm way not to do it (win trophies)."

Mourinho is only concerned about winning matches and trophies rather than the aesthetics of the game.

"My philosophy is about winning," he said. "I want my players to win, and my teams to succeed.

"Speaking about my philosophy directly about football, I would say that I don't teach players how to play football.

"I teach players how to play in my team. It was not a surprise for me that we didn't win last season."

He added: "Everybody in a group of 24 is different. We have the young, the bright, the not so bright. The guy with the great social life, the one with a bit of a strange enviroment. You have everything.

"The African, the European...there are principles that apply to everybody, but at the same time you have to realise that they are all individuals.

"The best way to motivate people is to show your own motivation so when as a coach the coach arrives.

"The coach should really be the first man to arrive, and the last man to leave. It gives you moral conditions at the club."

Mourinho admits it will be difficult for Spain to retain the World Cup, but does not see a new winner of the tournament this year.

"I don't think anybody is going to win the World Cup for the first time," said Mourinho.

"It is very difficult for Spain to win a second World Cup in a fourth successive big tournament, but the reality is they have players with the ability to do that."

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"With Brazil and Argentina, South America have two great teams and a third in Uruguay. But European teams have the players and the know-how. It will again between South America and Europe to win the trophy."

Mourniho does not buy the argument that Barcelona playmaker Lionel Messi needs to win the World Cup to be regarded alongside greats such as Diego Maradona and Pele.

"Messi plays in a national side where it is possible for him to win the World Cup," said Mourinho.

"He is not like George Weah playing for Liberia, or Zlatan Ibrahimovic in Sweden.

"He is playing for a national team with good players where it could happen for him. For me, he is a great player and he doesn't need to win the World Cup for that."

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