Premier League - Mourinho 'raged and cried' at Moyes getting United job

Jose Mourinho raged and screamed after being overlooked for the vacant manager's job at Manchester United, according to a new warts-and-all biography of the Portuguese manager.

Premier League - Mourinho 'raged and cried' at Moyes getting United job

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Jose Mourinho

Spanish journalist Diego Torres's book "Preparense Para Perder" - or "Prepare to Lose" in English - paints a portrait of Mourinho's time as Real Madrid manager.

And the book claims that the moment Mourinho discovered he found out he would not be moving from the Bernabeu to Old Trafford, "were the most miserable hours of Mourinho in his time as manager of Real Madrid."

"When he learnt he (Sir Alex Ferguson) had chosen Moyes, Mou was incredulous. He screamed: 'But he’s won nothing!'," the book writes, showing Mourinho's shocking ignorance of the history of Division Two over the past dozen or so years.

Torres - who has long been one of the Portuguese's outspoken critics - goes on to claim that Mourinho's agent Jorge Mendes had led him to believe that Ferguson would step aside and then help pave the way for the Real Madrid manager move to the Red Devils.

"Mourinho, fed by his devoted agent, believed that Ferguson, as well as an ally, was his friend and Godfather," the book claims.

"He was convinced that they enjoyed a friendship of genuine trust. He thought that his fabulous collection of titles, two European Cups, seven League Cups and four in four different countries, constituted an endorsement no other candidate had."

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All those beliefs proved to be false, however, and the current Chelsea boss was apparently in tears as he struggled to come to terms with losing out on the job:

"They were the most miserable hours of Mourinho in his time as manager of Real Madrid. Between dozing and waking he had a mobile glued to his head, seeking clarification during the night of the 7th and the morning of May 8."

The claim flies in the face of Mourinho's warm tribute to Ferguson earlier this summer, in which he claimed that the septuagenarian had phoned him personally a few months before his retirement to let him know that he was off.

The book, which is being serialised in Spanish newspaper El Pais, claims that this was merely Mourinho's attempt to save face by suggesting that he knew exactly what was going on in Manchester.

"What most disturbed Mourinho was the conclusion that in public he would look a fool," Torres continues .

"He felt cheated by Ferguson and feared someone might stop taking him seriously.

"For years, the propaganda machine had reported the idea of a friendship that is now revealed as a fantasy image.

"Mourinho's advisers told him to say that he already knew everything because Ferguson had called to inform him."

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