Premier League - Paper round: Rooney, Dzeko, Lewandowski swap?

Twenty-four hours after declaring Wayne Rooney's time at Manchester United over, this morning's newspapers are split on the England striker's fate.

Premier League - Paper round: Rooney, Dzeko, Lewandowski swap?

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Daily Mirror sport - 8th March 2013

The most interesting attempt to put flesh on the story comes in the Daily Mirror, which touts a three-way switch sending Rooney to Manchester City, Edin Dzeko to Borussia Dortmund and Robert Lewandowski to United.

It all sounds nice and logical in principle, but these things rarely happen quite as neatly in real life.

The most likely part of that trifecta is Dzeko moving to Dortmund, which German journalist Rafael Honigstein yesterday described as "all but done".

Dortmund manager Juergen Klopp attempted to dampen the rumours yesterday by telling a press conference Dzeko was beyond their financial reach.

After Klopp denied all knowledge of a Dzeko deal, his phone rang - the coach pretended to answer with a jokey: "Hello, Edin?"

Pretty funny when you're football hipster darling Juergen Klopp. Less so had it been Harry Redknapp surrounded by a room of guffawing, sycophantic hacks.

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As for Rooney - well, the Daily Star claims the England striker would rather like to play for Barcelona. As, indeed, would we.

The Star quotes an unnamed source as saying “Only time will tell if Wayne leaves United at the end of this season, but if that happens then he would love to go to Barcelona. “I’m sure he wouldn’t be short of offers, but Barcelona are head and shoulders above the rest in his eyes.”

With David Villa expected to leave Barcelona in the summer, there may be a vacancy at the Camp Nou.

Whether Rooney's barrelling, Anglo-Saxon style fits into Barça's tiki-taka is another question entirely.

The Times rates Paris Saint-Germain as the favourites to land Rooney, and claims the French side are also interested in bringing Jose Mourinho in to replace coach Carlo Ancelotti.

Both Mourinho and Ancelotti are known Rooney fans, but PSG will look to sort their coaching situation before turning their attention to transfers.

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And what's this? Can it really be The Sun raining on everyone's parade with a timely reality check?

Columnist Steven Howard writes a perceptive piece entitled: 'Get real – Rooney is going nowhere'

He claims neither Rooney nor his family have any desire to move abroad, while his domestic options are severely limited as Manchester City do not want him.

Howard also points out the irony of Rooney's demand in 2010 that the club match his ambition by signing players - it is the arrivals of Robin van Persie and Shinji Kagawa that have eased United's reliance on the England striker and made him expendable.

Meanwhile, in non-Rooney news, the Daily Express claims Luis Suarez is set to land a bumper £120,000-a-week contract as Liverpool attempt to ward off interest in their star man.

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