Premier League: Paper Round: Terry's 'secret punishment' revealed

It is not big surprise that the fall-out from John Terry's decision not to appeal his ban for using racist language towards Anton Ferdinand dominates Friday's papers.

Premier League - Terry expects summer contract talks with Chelsea

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John Terry, Chelsea

Most are not impressed about the actions of his club Chelsea who said that they had taken "further disciplinary action" against Terry without revealing what that action actually was.

Well according to The Times, and a few other papers, Terry has been fined two-weeks wages for the incident - a sum of about £330,000 which goes on top of the £220,000 he was fined by the FA.

The Daily Mail also reports that Chelsea have told Terry that he will be kicked out of the club if found guilty of racist abuse again.

This is not seen as sufficient punishment by most and according to the Daily Mirror, Anton and Rio Ferdinand are to join Reading striker Jason Roberts who has already confirmed that he will not wear a 'Kick It Out' T-shirt for the equality group's annual week of action after the racial abuse incidents of the last year.

Here is how some of the country's top journalist and papers reacted to Terry and Chelsea's actions yesterday.


Daily Mirror: You Blue It

Martin Lipton: Chelsea had 12 months to draw up the strategy for how to deal with John Terry. Five days short of a year, during which time the image of the club has been dragged through the mud. Yesterday was Chelsea's opportunity to take a stand. Not by sacking Terry for his racial abuse of Anton Ferdinand - after all, nobody called for Liverpool to sack Luis Suarez - but by making a mark, showing a principle, an understanding of the hurt and damage the affair has caused, demonstrating an ¬awareness of how this case has led to the worst outpourings of tribalism, and at times outright and blatant racial abuse. And, sadly, Chelsea flunked it. Completely, totally and utterly. There is no doubt that Terry has been, is and will continue to be an iconic figure at Stamford Bridge.


The Times: Hollow words of Terry uncover a world happy to apologise for him

Matthew Syed: Like many others, I am hugely grateful that John Terry has pledged to “continue to do my part in assisting the club to remove all types of discriminatory behaviour from football”. It is such a relief that people like JT are on the case. Perhaps we could send him to Serbia as an anti-racism ambassador. Either way, his statement yesterday was a paradigm of obfuscation and bad grammar. He apologised to everyone except, specifically, Anton Ferdinand and accepted that his behaviour fell below the standards expected “by Chelsea Football Club, and by me”. Quite what these standards are, however, remains unclear.


The Independent: Chelsea and Terry make mockery of the fight to beat racism

Ian Herbert: There may come a time when we look back upon people like John Terry as old-school remnants of football's bad old days. It is a fact that there are some senior people at the Premier League who feel that way. But for now we are stuck with an individual who actually believes that saying "f*****g black c**t" can pass as an innocent mistake and who thinks that a 155-word statement issued through his management company, and containing no direct word of apology to Anton Ferdinand, can be passed off as an act of contrition. No one is fooled. This was the week of Club England's fabled new 16-page code of conduct, issued with fanfare and colourful details of all the accompanying artwork, insisting amid regulations on video games, headphones and Twitter that players must reject and oppose (my italics) all forms of discrimination. Forget all that. Dismiss all hope of a Terry apology to those caught up in the storm of his creating, or something for those at the bottom end of football, trying to set children on a different kind of track.


The Sun (their backpage splash):

Chelsea Football Club is fighting hard to rid the game of all discrimination – April, 2008.

We are proud of our record fighting racism – September, 2010.

We'll vigorously pursue any individuals taking part in discriminatory behaviour – November, 2011.

We will take strongest possible action against those responsible – January, 2012.

CFC practises a zero tolerance policy towards racism – Currently on club website.



Daily Telegraph: Game has paid a heavy price for racism own goal

Paul Kelso: Four offensive syllables have cost the England team a captain, a centre-half and a manager, but the price of the racist invective aimed by John Terry at Anton Ferdinand has been much higher for the game as a whole. The annual Kick It Out week of action begins on Friday, but instead of congratulating them on 19 years working against discrimination, players, officials and managers will don the familiar T-shirts and green-and-black badges in an atmosphere of unease.


Daily Star: Hardest world's a year too late for Terry

Duncan Wright: John Terry finally showed some humility yesterday by apologising for abusing Anton Ferdinand. His decision not to contest his four-match ban and £220,000 fine for racially abusing the QPR defender brings a welcome end to a tawdry tale which has scarred English football for a year. The only problem is that it came 361 days too late. Just think, if the Chelsea captain had held his hands up last October, FA punishment would have been swift, and the game could have moved on. The England captaincy would have been removed, the ban would have been the same and the fine would have been the same. Instead, Terry’s unfailing belief in himself and that he never does wrong led English football into a 12-month period of sniping, public displays of contempt and in-fighting among players.

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