Premier League - Puncheon's 'bum-wipe' explained

Jason Puncheon caused quite a stir with his unique celebration in Southampton's 3-1 win against Manchester City.

Premier League - Puncheon's 'bum-wipe' explained

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Jason Puncheon celebration

After giving the Saints a first-half lead, the attacking midfielder raced to the corner flag and mimed, er, wiping his backside.

On first glance, it appeared pretty disrespectful, but happily Puncheon was just having a joke at his own expense.

Last month he had to sprint from the field to answer the call of nature during a goalless draw against Everton.

The incident caused the newly-appointed Southampton boss Mauricio Pochettino to quip: "When there is a new manager, the players want to impress and sometimes nerves get the better of them."

Puncheon has since been on the end of much light-hearted banter, so decided to re-live the fateful moment after scoring.

The Southampton fans certainly loved it, breaking into a chant of "He s***s when he wants."

And there were more celebrations on the south coast as Southampton went on to thrash City and go 15th in the Premier League table.

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