Premier League return can't be 100 per cent safe but I would play, says ex-Liverpool defender Jose Enrique

Former Liverpool defender Jose Enrique has admitted that Premier League footballers cannot be given complete assurances over their health if football does return imminently but says that he would be willing to play in the current conditions.

The English top flight has been on hold for the last two months because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, with tentative plans having been put in place to restart football in June.

A selection of players have expressed concerns over returning too early but Enrique, whose home nation of Spain has also been hit hard over the last few months, says that he would be comfortable playing.

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“For me, health is the most important thing,” he told Sky Sports News. “But if I was a player, I would be happy to play.

“Obviously, everyone will say you're not playing anymore, and it's easy to say - but I believe I would do. Other ex-players agree with me, and I believe the players will be more controlled.

“They will be having tests almost every day. If something happens and a player gets coronavirus, they are already planning for how they are going to handle it.

“They can assure you it will be as safe as possible - but they can't assure you it will be 100 per cent safe.

“But they can do as many tests as possible, before and after games - these players have families as well - you go home and have your kids there. So it's not just your health, but also your family.

“So try to get as many tests as possible, and if they have it, go into quarantine for two weeks. I believe that's the way to go.”

The former Spain Under-21 international says that the economic situation of clubs must be taken into account, while pointing out that the return of football might help the mental state of supporters.

“It's not just the players who are suffering, it's the clubs who are suffering economically, the fans who are suffering mentally if they can't support and watch the team,” he added.

“In my opinion, I believe they should do everything to restart the game. But if things don't go well, and you have to stop it again, then fair enough.”

Germany is the first major league to restart after the crisis, with Bundesliga action taking place on Saturday and Sunday, including Dortmund's clash with Schalke.

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