Premier League - Rooney ‘wanted Ozil at United’

Wayne Rooney told Manchester United to sign Mesut Ozil during contract negotiation talks with Sir Alex Ferguson.

Premier League - Rooney ‘wanted Ozil at United’

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Mesut Ozil

The now retired manager has today seen details of his autobiography released, with one early focus proving to be Rooney’s contract stand-off with the club in 2010.

During a period that saw him almost leave for rivals Manchester City before ultimately signing a new deal, Rooney apparently brought up his frustration with Fergie in seeing Real Madrid pick up Ozil in the preceding summer from Werder Bremen ahead of United.

Ferugson writes in his autobiography that Rooney was "sheepish" during this confrontation and had been "programmed in what he was trying to say".

He wrote: "I told him that to say we weren't ambitious was nonsense.

"Wayne said that we should have pursued Mesut Ozil, who had joined Real Madrid from Werder Bremen. My reply was that it was none of his business who we should have gone for."

Ozil was again linked with a transfer to Old Trafford this summer, before ultimately leaving Real Madrid for Arsenal.

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