Premier League - Tottenham 'totally satisfied' Lloris was fit to continue

Tottenham's medical staff have said they were "totally satisfied" Hugo Lloris was fit to continue playing after suffering a head injury in Tottenham's 0-0 draw with Everton.


The French goalkeeper collided with Everton striker Romelu Lukaku and was knocked unconscious, though he soon came round after being attended to by Tottenham's medical staff.

Spurs boss Andre Villas-Boas had readied substitute goalkeeper Brad Friedel with Lloris visibly looking dazed. It initially appeared that the club's medical team had signalled that the stopper needed to be replaced but Lloris continued - a decision which has led to much criticism.

However, Tottenham have since tweeted that relevant tests were undertaken and the goalkeeper was in a fit state to remain on the pitch. The club also confirmed that the Lloris underwent a precautionary CT scan and was given the all-clear before he travelled back to London.

A statement from head of medical services Wayne Diesel read: "Once the relevant tests and assessments were carried out we were totally satisfied that he was fit to continue playing."

FIFA's chief medical officer Jiri Dvorak has questioned Tottenham's decision to allow Lloris to play on.

"The player should have been substituted," Dvorak said. "The fact the other player needed ice on his knee means it's obvious the blow was extensive.

"It's a 99 per cent probability that losing consciousness in such an event will result in concussion.

"When he has been knocked unconscious, the player himself may not see the reality.

"I do not know the details but I know that the Premier League doctors are extremely good and I can imagine that the doctor may have recommended he be replaced.

"We have a slogan: if there is any doubt, keep the player out."

FIFPRO - the worldwide representative organisation for all professional football players - has also condemned Tottenham's actions. The organisation believes that Villas-Boas and his staff failed to protect the goalkeeper by allowing him to return to the field of play.

FIFPro medical advisor Vincent Gouttebarge said: "FIFPro condemns that the health and safety of players are let to coaches/trainers or even to players themselves.

"Medical professionals should be aware of any relevant medical guidelines and apply them in order to empower the health and safety on the field. The health and safety of the players should be the number one priority and should prevail against any other matters."

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