Premiership: Clubs debating a 10-team league and salary cap reduction

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Leicester Tigers chief executive Andrea Pinchen has revealed that there could be more changes to the structure of the Premiership.

Following the demise of Worcester Warriors and Wasps, who were both forced into administration, there are currently 11 teams in England’s top-tier.

Other clubs are also struggling financially which has forced English sides into a rethink, according to Pinchen.

No hidden agenda

“There is no big secret about it,” she told BBC Sport.

“All the CEO’s of the Premiership clubs are on a WhatsApp group. Everyone just says what they think.

“Everyone is like ‘yeah, we agree that 10 is the way to go, as long as it’s not me’.

“How that will work when we are sitting at 11 teams, I don’t know?

“There is no hidden agenda. They want what is right for the sport.”

The salary cap was reduced following the financial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, with it currently standing at £5m.

However, it is set to return to £6.4m in 2024, something which will help Premiership clubs keep their star players and be more competitive in Europe.

Leicester’s CEO is against the rise though and believes that there has to be financial stability across the board if the salary cap is to go back to its original level.

Not right for the English game

“Can I understand a very wealthy club wanting to get that stardust sprinkled in, as they see it, and increase the cap? Yes, I can,” Pinchen said.

“Personally I don’t think that is right for the game as we sit here now today.

“In any industry, if you looked across the board and everyone was losing a lot of money and had lots of debt to pay back, and you were then increasing the ability to spend – and that everyone will feel a certain pressure to spend if you want to remain competitive and recruit people who want to win and make you successful – then people would look at you as if there was something slightly wrong.”

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