Prince Harry Will Attend Diana Legacy Event Only After Prince William Leaves

The brothers are refusing to be in the same room — even virtually.



Prince Harry and Prince William's ongoing feud has reached the point to where they can't be in the same room — not even virtually. 

On Thursday, the brothers are both expected to attend the Diana Award legacy event with separate appearances. First, William will arrive at London's Science Museum to chat with key staff and supporters before making a short speech and handing out awards this year's winners. He plans to attend the event solo, as his wife Kate Middleton continues to recover from her recent abdominal surgery. 



Then, once Will's part has concluded, Harry will make a virtual appearance from his home in California. 

Despite not being physically at the award ceremony, the Diana Award team says Harry "will be a key part of our Legacy Awards celebration, which takes place over the course of this week." They added, "He is scheduled to speak with the award recipients virtually the same evening of the Awards to celebrate their accomplishments.” 

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Last year, Harry and William also participated in the legacy event honoring their late mother — but in that instance, Harry took part in a Q&A in Los Angeles, while Will recorded a video message. The Diana Award was set up two years after the late princess died following a car crash in 1997 to empower young people to make positive change in their communities and this year's ceremony marks the organization's 25th anniversary.

Harry and Will's separate attendance at tonight's event comes just days after it was reported that Harry reached out to his older brother during his visit to the U.K. amid their father King Charles's cancer diagnosis and got shot down for a meeting.

A royal insider noted that the Prince of Wales's "principal concern is his wife," Kate Middleton, and that he wasn't bothered by not seeing Harry. "It would be the normal run of things to go and see your sister-in-law who's had a serious operation and also see your niece and nephews," the source added. "But it isn't normal. It's terribly sad."

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