Prince Harry's Getting The Royal Middle Finger – And People Are Upset

Prince Harry arriving at the High Court for the second day of hearing
Prince Harry arriving at the High Court for the second day of hearing

Prince Harry arriving at the High Court for the second day of hearing

Prince Harry turned up in London for the second day of his court hearing against a newspaper publisher on Tuesday – but his family drama is still making headlines.

Despite travelling to the UK from California, where he now lives, he is not expected to see his father, according to reports – and Twitter is not very impressed.

What’s the latest between Harry and the Royals?

Although Harry reportedly returned to the UK after flying commercial over the weekend, King Charles has said he was too “busy” to see his youngest son, according to reports in The Telegraph.

Relations are believed to be especially strained since the Duke of Sussex published his bombshell memoir, Spare, and revealed plenty of personal details about his life with his very private relatives, emphasising his own struggles behind palace walls.

Watch: Prince Harry arrives for second day of court hearing

It’s still not clear if Harry and his wife Meghan Markle will even attend Charles’ coronation in May, amid these ongoing tensions – although they have definitely been invited.

Charles was supposed to be in France between Sunday and Wednesday for the first part of his first overseas tour since becoming the monarch, but it was cancelled because of the protests in the country.

Still, Harry’s appearance in the UK this week would likely have overshadowed the trip.

From Wednesday, the King will be going to Germany, and is said to be preparing for that leg of the tour which is why he cannot see his son, according to The Telegraph.

So Twitter is not impressed.

Commentators on Good Morning Britain also voiced their surprise at Charles’ refusal to see his son, prompting Richard Madeley to say he couldn’t “imagine” saying he was too busy to see his on children.

So why is Harry in the UK?
The Duke of Sussex unexpectedly appeared at the High Court on Monday, making it clear that he – along with his fellow celebrity plaintiffs including Elton John and David Furnish – took this case seriously.The famous names are accusing Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL) who own the Daily Mail, of phone-tapping, bugging cars and homes, and paying police for sensitive information.Harry has long emphasised that one of his main focuses in his post-royal life is reshaping the media landscape, having felt targeted by the tabloid press in particular for much of his life.So his sudden appearance made it clear he was serious about this case, too, even though he and the other claimants are not expected to speak this week and were not required to attend.ANL has said it “utterly and unambiguously”denies the allegations and is using this week to try and have the case thrown out before it gets to trial.Harry alone has submitted 14 separate claims about articles ANL have published, with information about his private life taken unlawfully.The lawyer representing the famous faces bringing legal action said Harry was “deprived of important aspects of his teenage years”.But, by the second day, it was clear that the Duke of Sussex felt he had already sent the message he needed to the rest of the press.While on Monday he entered the High Court through the main entrance, drawing all the media attention while he grinned cheekily to the cameras, on Tuesday he took on a different tact.Sky News reported that there was a heavy police presence at court ahead of his arrival, but he came in via the back entrance.He was also the only high-profile figure in the courtroom on Tuesday, with his six other plaintiffs opting not to attend.