Puppies abandoned in cardboard box by canal

Puppies abandoned in cardboard box by canal <i>(Image: RSPCA)</i>
Puppies abandoned in cardboard box by canal (Image: RSPCA)

Three puppies have been rescued after being cruelly abandoned in a cardboard box by the canal.

The RSPCA took the eight week old pups - named Daphne, Dorothy, and Dylan - into their care after being discovered in a poor condition.

They were found by a member of the public along the towpath between Sowerby Bridge and Salter Hebble on Friday, March 24

RSPCA animal rescue officer Kris Walker, who is looking into the incident, said: “The little dogs are only around eight weeks old - they are still too young to be away from their mum.”

The crossbreed dogs - two females and a male - all have skin conditions and one of the dogs also has a swollen front leg with an abscess-type injury.

They’re now in the care of the RSPCA Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford & District Branch.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:
Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Kris added: “Thankfully they will all be okay, but it is concerning that they were dumped. We’re asking the public for help - if you recognise the puppies or know of a mum whose pups have suddenly disappeared, this information might help us find who did this.”

Anyone who has information is urged to call the RSPCA’s appeals line on 0300 123 8018.

RSPCA officers are responding to an increasing number of abandoned pets as the cost of living crisis continues to bite - but the animal welfare charity has warned the public this is never the answer.

Kris added: “It is never acceptable to abandon an animal, even if you think you are doing it with good intentions because you can’t afford veterinary fees. It is a cruel way to treat an animal. If you have a pet who needs veterinary care, there is financial help out there - the last thing you should do is dump them.”

Last month, the RSPCA received 1,324 reports of abandoned animals - up 8 per cent from February 2022.

The cost of living crisis is the singlest biggest challenge for animal welfare right now. To help pet-owners who are worrying about financial costs, there is information on the RSPCA’s cost of living hub.

Alternatively, you can call the charity’s dedicated cost of living call line on 0300 123 0650.

To donate to RSPCA Halifax towards the care of the puppies, please visit https://rspcahalifaxhuddersfieldbradford.org.uk/make-a-donation/