Puppy Yoga is back and saving lives

Feb. 2—VALDOSTA — When looking for a way to spend the weekend, finding something new and fun to do with your time is challenging. In a combination of feel-good yoga and adorable puppies, Puppy Yoga is a unique way to create new memories in Valdosta and save some cute animals.

The Humane Society of Valdosta and Lowndes County has teamed up with Crunch Fitness again for the third-ever session of Puppy Yoga. The event will take place on Saturday, Feb. 3rd at 11 a.m. The premise is simple enough: A professional will run attendees through a yoga class while cute puppies roam around, most likely interrupting in the best way possible.

Tickets for the event can be easily purchased on the Humane Society of Valdosta Lowndes County's Facebook page.

Anyone attending Puppy Yoga does not need to have a membership to Crunch Fitness, and all profits go to the Humane Society in support of the puppies at the event. Crunch Fitness takes no money from the event, allowing free use of the yoga instructor and the room for the event.

Kaylyn Sanchez, a volunteer for the Humane Society since 2021, is currently on active military duty and was stationed at Moody Air Force Base.

Asked about her passion for the Humane Society Sanchez said, "I was looking for something to do, and I thought I like dogs, so let me walk dogs. Now It's turned into my second job."

Finding inspiration from social media, Sanchez took to a Moody Air Force Base spousal group chat and asked if any local businesses would be open to hosting Puppy Yoga. Sarah Beers, a yoga instructor at Crunch Fitness, responded, and Puppy Yoga would start to be realized.

The first Puppy yoga would be an overwhelming success, with the event making nearly a thousand dollars. The money would be put to good use, covering the cost of taking care of the medical needs of the puppies and transporting them to a no-kill rescue in Maine.

Sanchez hopes to bring even more events to the area to spread awareness that Lowndes County is not no-kill. Sanchez believes in these events and in educating the county about how to save these animals. The key to making a difference is to "Foster, Donate, Volunteer, and spay and neuter your pets."

Following the Puppy Yoga, Sanchez plans to have a puppy-kissing booth where attendees can meet more cute animals. It will be hosted at Mellow Mushroom, where cupcakes will be available in hopes of fundraising money for the puppies. The dogs at the kissing booths will also be available for adoption for anyone looking to take one to their forever home.