Quality Street ditches famous bright plastic wrappers

Brits eat billions of Quality Street chocolates every year  (John Lewis)
Brits eat billions of Quality Street chocolates every year (John Lewis)

Quality Street chocolates are known for their vibrantly coloured reflective wrappers.

The famous confection has sported its foil covering for 86 years, but Nestlé wants to make its packaging more eco-friendly.

Brits consume around 1.7 billion Quality Street chocolates every year, leading to billions of plastic wrappers ending up in landfill.

However, with the new packaging, chocolate-lovers will be able to enjoy their treats without the guilt.

The new packaging ditches the plastic and foil elements and instead uses vegetable-based wax.

Those who love Quality Street’s bright colours will be happy to know that these wax coverings will still be colourful.

The new Quality Street wrappers are expected to make their debut in time for Christmas this year.

Nestlé’s Head of Sustainability, Cheryl Allen, commented on the matter, saying: “Quality Street is a brand that people feel very strongly about.

“We know that opening the lid and seeing ‘the jewels’, as we call them, is really important.

“We think we’ve done a really good job with the redesign and feel confident that people will respond positively.”

The company has also updated its website to share its dedication to sustainable packaging.

The Nestlé website explains: “Packaging helps protect food and beverages, ensures product quality and safety, communicates nutritional information, and prevents food waste.

“However, these essential requirements should not come at the expense of the planet.

“That’s why we are continually developing more sustainable packaging and committed to reducing waste from packaging.”