Queen Camilla Reveals King Charles's Disappointment Over Missing an Engagement on the Isle of Man

With King Charles unable to perform most public engagements while he receives treatment for an undisclosed form of cancer, Queen Camilla has been keeping as busy and as visible as possible. And today she was on the Isle of Man where she delivered a speech on behalf of the King and presented the Letters Patent conferring city status on the island’s capital Douglas.

“My husband is so sorry that he cannot be with us today on this extremely special occasion, but he has sent me here armed with a copy of his speech to read out on his behalf,” the Queen began in her address at Douglas Borough Council. In Charles’s words, she then read out his disappointment at not being able to make the visit to celebrate Douglas becoming a city. The area was granted city status in May 2022 as part of the celebrations for Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee.

“The award of city status to Douglas was one of only eight granted during my mother’s Platinum Jubilee, and it recognises the unique culture and heritage of this capital on your special island,” Camilla said on behalf of the King. “The granting of your city status is particularly special to me, as your Letters Patent are the only ones in existence that hold both my signature and that of my late mother.”

The Isle of Man is located off the northwest coast of England and Camilla arrived at the airport at lunchtime today. Other engagements she carried out on the island included meeting community groups and representatives from the Royal National Lifeboat Association and local swimming clubs as well as charities working in environmental protection and cancer care.

While the King is unable to carry out many public visits, he has still been busy and visible despite his treatment. Yesterday the royal family highlighted on social media how he had met with veterans of the Korean War at Buckingham Palace to mark 70 years since the end of the conflict. He has also continued with his weekly audiences with the Prime Minister.

It has been a difficult time for the royal family with both the King and Princess of Wales unwell at the same time. Buckingham Palace announced the King had cancer in February but has not disclosed any further information about his condition or treatment. There has also been no further information about when he is likely to return to more public-facing duties. However, a report in the Daily Mail this week said that he was determined to attend this year’s Trooping the Colour which is on June 15.

Following her visit to the Isle of Man, Camilla traveled to Northern Ireland ahead of engagements tomorrow. Visits to Northern Ireland are never announced in advance for security reasons.

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