Queer Brazilian Sex Worker Tale ‘Streets of Glória’ Boarded by M-Appeal (EXCLUSIVE)

Berlin-based sales agent M-Appeal has boarded queer Brazilian sex worker tale “Streets of Glória,” and will present the film to buyers during the upcoming European Film Market. The project is described as “an uninhibited portrayal of passion and sex work, and a journey toward self-acceptance.”

Brazilian writer-director Felipe Sholl’s second feature, produced by Daniel van Hoogstraten of Syndrome Films in Brazil, was presented at Ventana Sur in Primer Corte, a work-in-progress section, and has already garnered attention for its provocative narrative and emotionally charged performances.

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The film follows the story of Gabriel (Caio Macedo), a young literature teacher, who has just moved to Rio. He discovers The Glória, a bar and cruising spot in Rio’s neighborhood Glória, where he soon becomes friends with the magnetic owner Monica (Diva Menner) and is introduced to her tight-knit group of friends: Laila (Jade Sassará), Mateus (Alan Ribeiro) and Roger (Sandro Aliprandini).

When he meets Adriano (Alejandro Claveaux), a male escort, the chemistry is explosive, and they begin a passionate love affair. One day, Adriano suddenly disappears, and Gabriel begins a journey of investigation into Adriano’s world. Realizing his obsession with Adriano is leading him on a dangerous path, Gabriel must make a choice.

With Monica and his new friends, he finds a family and new reasons to live.

Speaking to Variety during Ventana Sur, Sholl spoke of changing social attitudes toward sex work: “We address the danger and hardship of this profession in the film. But we also wanted to address the other side. In Brazil and many other places, prostitution is legal. In the new generations, represented by Mateus, Roger and Laila, prejudice against sex workers is diminishing.”

“Places of prostitution, usually perceived with all sorts of prejudice, can also be places of protection and belonging,” he added.

Maren Kroymann, managing director of M-Appeal, said: “We have been following ‘Streets of Gloria’ almost since the beginning as it stands for the M-Appeal values, which challenge the norms of sexuality and love in the queer community. Felipe Sholl’s powerful film has been received with a great enthusiasm by the distributors in Ventana Sur, where it was shown in Primer Corte. We will now present it to buyers at EFM.”

Produced by Syndrome Films, the film is coproduced by RioFilme and Telecine with France’s Irreverence Films as associate producer. It is supported by Brazil’s Fundo Setorial do Audiovisual.

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