Perceived Racist Remark Causes Confusion and Anger on ‘Big Brother’

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One contestant’s confusion over what she thought she overheard caused tension in the Big Brother house on Sunday night’s episode, which led to a massive blowup and someone going home.

After a fellow housemate suggested to Jessica that she go talk to Cody, her now-established “showmance” interest, Jessica responded by saying “Pao Pao’s over there so I’d rather not.” Fans of Big Brother will remember “Pao Pao” as the nickname of former Big Brother Season 16 contestant Paola Shea, who is oddly similar to current contestant Alex. Meanwhile, Megan was nearby eavesdropping on their conversation.

Megan later approached Alex to share what she heard, saying, “I was sitting over there and they were telling Jessica she should go talk to Cody. She’s like, ‘No, Panda is over there. I don’t want to deal with that.’ I can’t believe they called you ‘Panda.’ Like, isn’t that a little racist?” It just so happened that Paul was nearby their conversation, so the game of telephone continued as he went back to Jessica to tell her that Megan is saying she’s racist.

Understandably upset, Jessica then approached Alex to stop the rumor and said that she believed Megan was trying to pit the two against each other since she was on the block for eviction and likely to go home. Alex, who had previously wanted to form an alliance with Megan, then rushed out to the main room to confront her about lying and making up a racist comment.

Things got heated and ultimately led to Megan finding solace in the “diary room” to let out her emotions. Through tears, Megan shared: “This is so hurtful. I think I’m a good person. I think I’m good and nice to people. I don’t know, I don’t know if I can handle this. I just, I can’t do this.”

Ultimately, the anxiety and stress of the situation became too much for Megan to handle and she quietly decided to leave the house, and the competition, on her own.

In a recent interview with the Desert Sun, Megan reportedly revealed that the reason behind her decision to leave the house early was due to the fact that she was sexually assaulted during her time in the Navy and has since suffered from PTSD. She claims that her fellow housemates yelling at her affected her anxiety to the point where she became too physically ill to continue.

Whether Megan simply overheard wrong or actually was manipulating the situation to play the game, like Jessica and Alex assumed, is yet to be confirmed. We’ll all just have to wait for the reunion at the end of the season to find out.

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