Rangers chief James Bisgrove questions SPFL's failure to put new Sky TV deal out to tender

Rangers chief James Bisgrove questions SPFL's failure to put new Sky TV deal out to tender
Rangers chief James Bisgrove questions SPFL's failure to put new Sky TV deal out to tender

RANGERS' commercial chief James Bisgrove has provided his thoughts on the confirmation of the new SPFL TV deal.

A £150million agreement with Sky was announced on Wednesday, as the broadcasting giants secured the rights to Scottish football until 2029.

As part of the fresh terms, Sky Sports will showcase 60 live matches per season, as opposed to 48.

The value to the clubs as a collective has also risen up to £30million per season.

However, Neil Doncaster and Co. at the SPFL have come under fire for their ability to sell the country's top flight, with some insisting with better marketing that more finances could've been secured.

Rangers were the only SPFL club to oppose Sky's deal.

And while the Ibrox club will accept the decision, commercial director Bisgrove has questioned the SPFL's decision not to put their new Sky TV deal out to tender.

He told Rangers Review: "Stewart and I were in the SPFL Premiership clubs meeting and asked how can we, as a group of clubs, as a league, be sure that this is the best value in the market when we haven’t engaged with the other players in that market?

"The information and the intelligence that we’d got suggests that very recently other big rights that were in the market created and had competitive tension.

"You’ve got BT Sport and their joint venture with Discovery, you’ve got Viaplay and NENT, you’ve got DAZN. And there are others further afield, the likes of Amazon.

"We’ve said all along we think Sky are a great partner, they’re a brilliant partner for Scottish football but to give everyone assurance that the value is as high as it possibly can be, you’ve got to take this to the market.

"There's a reason why TEAM Marketing that run the UEFA Champions League, Europa League tenders, go to the market every time. They run a competitive process, it’s the reason why the Premier League do that.

"The other area where I think we’ve absolutely missed a trick in being more innovative on our packaging.

"I’ve seen reports about 60 games and the value per game but actually that’s a complete red herring because with the exclusivity Sky have, it’s the other games that are locked away, so why have we not looked at different packages like the Premier League have done and been more innovative and more commercially savvy with the way that we’ve taken that to the market?

"The deal’s been passed and we’ve aired our view.

"We have a lot of respect and support for what Sky do and their investment in the game but we don’t feel that the commercial process that underpinned that contract extension was in any way right or was in any way set up to get maximum value out the market."