Rangers daft ex-referee has say on Abdallah Sima disallowed goal vs Celtic with key factor highlighted

Abdallah Sima's Rangers goal was disallowed vs Celtic
-Credit: (Image: SNS Group)

He might be Rangers-daft, but former referee Jeff Winter was able to take his blue-tinted spectacles off when judging Abdallah Sima's disallowed goal.

Gers thought they had taken the lead over Celtic during the second half of Saturday's cup final when the forward bundled the ball over the line at the back post from a corner. Joe Hart was nowhere to be seen but a VAR check then ruled he had been shoved by Nico Raskin and referee John Beaton ruled it out after a re-watch.

Light Blues boss Philippe Clement wasn't convinced by the decision and argued it was very soft, with harder contact on his players allegedly going unnoticed. And supporters have since been claiming there was actually a foul on Raskin, with a feeling the midfielder was being held by Greg Taylor before his own foul on the goalkeeper.

However, ex-Premier League whistler Winter has played that down despite his allegiances. He insists the corner had not yet been taken at the point Raskin was held and therefore no foul could be given.

He said: "Was the ball in play when Raskin was being held, if so penalty, if not no penalty. Did Raskin push Hart in the back with both hands? Yes. Not my opinion, fact."

Meanwhile former Scottish refs Des Roache and Steve Conroy, who do the Behind the Whistles podcast, admitted they were split on the decision.