Rangers fans warned of 'over zealous' policing at Seville stadium

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RANGERS fans are being warned of "over zealous" policing at Seville stadium ahead of tonight's Europa League Final.

Rangers SLO Greg Marshall tweeted that stewards at the stadium have said police are removing items such as "battery packs, ears pods, and ladies make up bags" from fans during searches, despite the fact they should be allowed.

He wrote: "Our stewards on the ground are reporting that the police are being over zealous in search procedures and removing battery packs, ear pods, and ladies make up bags.

"We have referred to UEFA security.

"All the above items should be allowed as they have been cleared."

A number of fans have responded to the tweet saying they had these and other items taken off them as they entered the stadium.

One person wrote: "All but the smallest battery packs are going in the bins.

"They say there are lockers but to get to them you'd have to get back through the queues and the police lines.

"I read the ground rules carefully, battery packs were not prohibited and you specifically said they were allowed."

Another said: "Too late for me.

"Charger, backup battery and suncream thrown in the bin.

"Absolute joke."

A third person added: "Get mine oot the bin then please."

A Rangers Supporter Information document that was posted online earlier this week had stated that small battery packs would be allowed.

Police in Spain have been contacted for comment.

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