Rangers Fan View: Players are not fit to wear the shirt

Rangers are crushed by Celtic
Rangers are crushed by Celtic

They are just not fit to wear the Rangers shirt. Most of them. The few who can hold their heads slightly high are Clint Hill, Kenny Miller and Wes Foderingham. The rest, frankly, are never, ever going to be good enough.

You can accept losing – it happens. But to lose 5-1 at home to anyone is disgraceful, far less your greatest rivals. It summed up the season, to be honest. It’s been a complete shambles from start to finish.

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We started the season with half the squad nowhere near fully fit and drew 1-1 at home with Hamilton. From then the nightmare season was only just getting started. The whole Barton saga was a joke and the 5-1 defeat at Parkhead in September was even worse.

Furthermore, this group have previous, as we all know, for bottling it. Now under three different managers, they have served up performances of utter tripe.

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Going into this match, my immediate thought was: ‘surely the performance cannot be any worse than last week.’

I got that one spectacularly wrong. It was pathetic and shameful. It was very much a team of lower-league players playing against a side who, unfortunately, are far, far superior. Men against boys.


Moreover, I wasn’t overly impressed with Caixinha’s use of a narrow midfield, and I was even less impressed by the likes of Josh Windass and Emerson Hyndman’s point-blank refusal to cover their full-backs. Hyndman left James Tavernier exposed two-vs-one every time.  To be frank, Josh Windass summed it up. He lost a challenge to Lustig and stopped threw his hands up and stopped.

In fact, the only positives from the match were Miller and Hill. Miller burst his gonads and scored a good goal and Hill was the only one who was willing to put any kind of tackle in.

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Unfortunately, we have been beaten at home by Annan and the likes of Peterhead in the last six years. Nothing absolutely comes close to the humiliation and downright hurt that was felt by the fans Saturday.

Clearly, this group are players are finished and the fans have had enough. It’s glaringly obvious that they do not have the heart, passion, mentality or ability to be a Rangers player.

However, before the game, we had Martyn Waghorn telling the press about how this group has great character. I am not sure who he was actually trying to convince because that comment was almost as ridiculous as his recent performances, to be fair.

Thankfully, the small positive to come out of this sorry episode is that Caixinha will not come into this job blind in the summer. He will have a clear idea of which players he believes he can carry through to next season, and which of the imposters he needs to chase out the front door. If there is any justice in the footballing world, there will be a lot of them heading out the club.


Rangers are crushed by Celtic
Rangers are crushed by Celtic

I am sick of them – completely scunnered with their efforts. However, you can bet your bottom dollar that this week we will get told how much they are hurting and all the usual soundbites and frankly their words will mean absolutely nothing.

We will probably go out and win away at Partick Thistle; then we will be told that we have turned some sort of corner, and showed a great mentality to bounce back from such a devastating defeat. But, let me be completely clear, they could win every game from now until the end of the season 25-0 and I would still want most of them gone.

The only corner I want the majority of this squad to turn is the one from the dressing room to the Ibrox reception and then hopefully they will walk out the front door and won’t bother reporting for pre-season training.

In conclusion, pathetic, shameful, shameless, spineless, gutless – and more so embarrassing – are just a few words that are an accurate summation of yesterday’s performance and the Rangers 2016-17 squad as a whole.

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